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In our blog and TV show, we discuss what it means to be a Christian and how to live it out in today’s world. How does our faith play out when we face problems? What is different about us? What should be different? Why would non-believers want the faith that we have? How can we be winsome witnesses to our neighbors without allowing the world’s values to overcome us? How can we pass down our precious faith to our children and grandchildren?

Some videos have “Short Takes” as part of their title. Short Takes are short versions, no more than 10 minutes, of longer, earlier interviews we thought you might enjoy.
We also have 2-Minute Answers videos, where the guest answers a question in about two minutes.

Unless otherwise noted, all guests were interviewed by Jeanne Dennis.


Michelle Medlock Adams: On Motherhood
Joe Amaral: The Jewish Roots of Christian Faith (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Brad Antill: Lessons About God Learned from the Forest
Steve Arterburn: Seven Minutes to a Better Marriage
——— Six Ways for Men to Thrive in Midlife
Kay Arthur: The Bible, Grief, and Training Children in Faith
Art Ayris: Comics for the Kingdom
——— Successfully Sharing the Gospel through Comics


Sue Badeau: Mother of 22 Talks about Adoption
Shelly Ballestero: Beauty and Ministry to Troubled Teens
Dianne Barker: A Journey of Faith (Interviewed by Angela Breidenbach)
Kathleen Barrett: The Beauty of the Holy Land (with Ron Gafni)
Joe Battaglia: The Politically Incorrect Jesus
Kathleen Bates: Christmas Birds: Art and Inspiration for the Season
David Beauchamp: Where Is God When Bad Things Happen? (with footage from Michael Catt)
Twila Belk: Spiritual Encouragement for Caregivers
David Benham: Biblical Worldview and the Miracle at Shreveport (with Jason Benham)
Jason Benham: Biblical Worldview and the Miracle at Shreveport (with David Benham)
Jonathan Bernis: God’s Heart for the Jewish People
Erin Bethea: Great Films Can Change Hearts – The Redemption of Henry Myers and Fireproof
Ken Bevel: His Roles in Courageous and Fireproof, His Role as a Father
Carrie Blackaby: Rethink Your Parenting Strategy (with Richard Blackaby, interviewed by Sheryl Giesbrecht)
Daniel Blackaby: When the Christian and Secular Worlds Collide (with Mike Blackaby)
Henry Blackaby: Leadership for Every Believer (with Richard Blackaby)
Mike Blackaby: When the Christian and Secular Worlds Collide (with Daniel Blackaby)
Richard Blackaby: Leadership for Every Believer (with Henry Blackaby)
——— Rethink Your Parenting Strategy (with Carrie Blackaby, interviewed by Sheryl Giesbrecht)
Kim de Blecourt: Until All Orphans Come Home
Wendy Blight: Living So That We Become What God Wants Us To Be
Karen Boerger: Inspiration for Joyful Caregiving (with Annetta Dellinger)
Ruth Boettcher: Reluctant Companion to Africa
Chad Bonham: Life on the Fairway, a Life of Integrity (Interviewed by Karen Whiting)
Crystal Bowman: Teaching Children Spiritual Truths
——— God’s Big Ideas and Big Promises for Kids
——— My Grandma and Me Devotions
——— Our Daily Bread for Kids
——— Short Takes Our Daily Bread for Kids
Michelle Borquez: Divorce to Wholeness (interviewed by Angela Breidenbach)
Ginny Dent Brant:  Finding True Freedom (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Sarah Bragg: Finding Our Worth in God’s Word (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Angela Breidenbach: How Fiction Can Help Us Find Solutions to Real Problems
Kate Breslin: WWII, Holocaust, and Queen Esther
Larry Brice: Confident Faith in a World that Wants to Believe
Hettie Britz: Parenting by Personality
Anita Brooks: Getting Through What You Can’t Get Over
——— Transplants, Near Death, Miracles, and Never Giving Up (with Paul Perkins)
——— Integrity in the Workplace
Marcus Brotherton: Feast for Thieves, Veterans, WWII
Nancy Parker Brummett: Aging Well with the Hope of Glory (guest blog post)
Deborah Buckingham: Nourishments of the Soul
Cindy Bultema: Overcoming through Jesus’ Love (Interviewed by Rhonda Rhea)
Dillon Burroughs: Not in My Town – Human Trafficking (with Charles Powell, interviewed by Patty Webb)
Craig von Buseck: Netcasters: Using the Internet to Make Fishers of Men
——— Praying the News
——— Church Watch
——— Harry T. Burleigh: A Legacy Worth Remembering
Jacquelyn Butler: Decorating for the Poor: Extreme Makeovers of the Hood
David Butts: Believers, It’s Time to Pray
Amick Byram: Treasuring God’s Word in the Youngest Hearts (with Cassie Byram)
Cassie Byram: Treasuring God’s Word in the Youngest Hearts  (with Amick Byram)


Jonathan Cahn: The Book of Mysteries: Keys to Understanding the Bible
Kay Camenisch: Uprooting Anger
——— Remembering Roe v. Wade
——— Blood Covenant and Our Relationship with God (with Robert Camenisch)
Robert Camenisch: Blood Covenant and Our Relationship with God (with Kay Camenisch)
Michael Card: The Unique Aspects of the Four Gospels
Melody Carlson: Fiction that Matters
Donna Carter: True Friendship (interviewed by Sheryl Giesbrecht)
Rachel Lee Carter: International Model Rachel Lee Carter on Modesty
Caleb Castille: Woodlawn: A Historic Story for Today’s America (with Kevin Downes)
Michael Catt: Courageous Living and the Epidemic of Fatherlessness
——— Where Is God When Bad Things Happen? (includes an interview with David Beauchamp)
Cynthia Cavanaugh: Are Relationships Key to Keeping Children in the Faith? (with Linda Goldfarb and Jeanne Dennis)
——— Freedom to Live Authentically
Steve Cha: Hollywood: Mission Possible
Tim Chaffey: An Insider’s View of the Ark Encounter
Arron Chambers: Eats with Sinners
Dr. Gary Chapman: Expressing Love in Five Universal Languages
Terrence Chatmon: Do Your Children Believe? How to Be Intentional about Faith Legacy
Lisa Cherry: Protect Your Kids from Predators (with Kalyn Cherry Waller)
Pamela Christian: Examine Your Faith
——— Renew Your Hope through Life-Giving Truth
Tim Cleary: Experiencing Bible History through the Aetherlight Game
Samuel Collins: Teen Adventure Star and the Search for Biblical Truths (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Craig Colquitt: A Grandfather’s Legacy with Former NFL Player
Ray Comfort: Answering Life’s Tough Questions (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Peggy Consolver: The Mysterious Gibeonites and Joshua
Lanny Cook: Public Education (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Bryant Cornett: The Price God Paid for Us through Jesus
Elizabeth Cottrill: A Passion for “Living” Books
Todd Courtney: Cam We Instill Core Values in Toddlers Trough Stories?
Lynn Cowell: Jesus’ Revolutionary Love for Girls and Women
Cheri Cowell: Parables and Word Pictures to Build Your Faith
——— Living the Greatest Story to Change Lives
Michelle Cox: Just 18 Summers – Will You Make This One Count?
——— When God Calls the Heart Devotions
Chuck Crismier: Secrets of Lasting Marital Success (with Kathie Crismier)
Kathie Crismier: Secrets of Lasting Marital Success (with Chuck Crismier)
Clay Crosse: Rededication In and Out of the Limelight
Bill Curtis: Torchlighters – Compelling Videos for Kids


Daniel Darling: Real, Lasting Faith (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Steve Dapper: Begin Your Legacy Now: Life Beyond Living
——— Short Takes: Leadership for Regular People https://jeannedennis.com/archives/
Deb DeArmond: Improving In-Law Relationships
——— Making True Love Last
——— Don’t Go to Bed Angry: Stay Up and Fight
Ron DeArmond: Don’t Go to Bed Angry: Stay Up and Fight
Roger Deemer: Godly Personalities (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Annetta Dellinger: Inspiration for Joyful Caregiving (with Karen Boerger):
Mary DeMuth: Worth Living
Jeanne Dennis: A Baby Needing a Heart Transplant
——— The Greatest Gift
——— Musical Reflections on the Resurrection
——— Easter Every Day
——— The Power of Nature and Nature’s God
——— Don’t Wait to Forgive
——— Fathers and Our Heavenly Father (Discussion with Patty Webb)
——— Morning Light
——— Not by Works
——— The Believer’s Guide to Legal Issues (Book Review)
——— Stolen Lives
——— Beauty that’s Heart Deep
——— Because He Lives …
——— Best Friends
——— Yet I Will Praise Him!
——— Saying Goodbye to Chuck Colson
——— America’s Monumental Heritage of Freedom (Monumental Movie Review)
——— VeggieTales: The Penniless Princess (Video Review)
——— Olympic-Size Dreams
——— Who Rules, Now and in November?
——— A Message for Today’s Americans from an Ancient Prophet
——— We Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood
——— In God Do We Trust?
——— When You Need a Miracle (Book Review)
——— Unmask the Predators (Book Review)
——— The Lost Medallion (Movie Review)
——— VeggieTales: The Little House that Stood (Video Review)
——— Richard Dawkins and Me
——— Dawkins and Me, Revisited
——— Shalom Pesach and a Joyous Easter
——— Sharing Our Faith
——— America and Christians: Covenants with God
——— IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity (Book Review)
——— World War II Europe: Summer Reading for All Ages
——— Miracles in American History (Book Review)
——— The Promise: Birth of the Messiah (Movie Review)
——— John Schlitt The Christmas Project (Music Review)
——— The Song-Even the Wisest is a Fool for Love (Movie Review)
——— Left Behind: The End Begins (Movie Review)
——— Reach Out to an Orphan with the Love of God
——— Saving Christmas–Not Quite (Movie Review)
——— Iesodo: Faith, Love (Videos Review)
——— In the Deeps South, Fall Colors Spell Christmas
——— True Freedom of Choice
——— The Significance of the Cross through Music
——— Is Jesus Enough?
——— Beyond the Mask (Movie Review)
——— What Valentine’s Day Really Means
——— Bible KidvVenture: Stories of Danger and Courage with Jeanne Dennis (Interviewed by Karen Whiting)
——— Truth and the Power of Story
——— Engage Your Child’s Heart: How to Utilize the Power of Story
——— Are Relationships Key to Keeping Children in the Faith? (with Cynthia Cavanaugh and Linda Goldfarb)
——— Halcyon Homeschooling: Encouragement for Parents
——— Treasures in a Storm
——— Insects and a Tour of Live Animals at the Creation Museum
——— Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception (Movie Review)
——— Christmas Could Be Sad and Lonely, Except …
——— What Can We Learn from Churchill’s “Darkest Hour”?
——— St. Patrick Learned to Share the Gospel. You Can Too with “Gospel ABCs”
——— He Gave His Only Begotten Son
——— Israel Visit Highlights for the Nation’s 70th Anniversary
——— Help Children Focus on What’s Most Important
——— Considering Jesus’ Death and Resurrection in Light of Notre Dame’s Fire
——— Three Ways to Teach Biblical Worldview at Home
Sue Detweiler: Nine Traits of a Life-Giving Mom
——— Nine Traits of a Life-Giving Marriage
Jennie Afman Dimkoff: Real Life Miracles (with Carol Kent)
Christin Ditchfield: The Power of a Woman’s Words
——— Women Living Fearlessly (retreat talk)
Jeff Dixon: Disney Mysteries and the Key to the Kingdom
Randy Dockens: Creation, Science, and Science Fiction
Kevin Downes: Faith of Our Fathers Movie
——— Woodlawn: A Historic Story for Today’s America (with Celeb Castille)


Janet Perez Eckles: Despite Tragedy, Life with God is a Fiesta
Rick Eldridge: The Ultimate Life – Making a Difference for Christ in the Film Industry
Valerie Ellery Equipping the Warrior Woman (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Sharon Norris Elliott: God’s Full Armor for Women
——— Boomerangs to Arrows – Raising Children to Leave Home
Edna Ellison: Friends, Joy, and Philippians
Rita Elmounayer: SAT-7: Sharing the Love of Jesus in the Middle East
Trace Embry: Restoring Teens’ Lives through Nature and Nurture
Pat Ennis God’s Perfect Plan for Women
Jim Ertel: Contending for Your Child’s Heart (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Kent Evans: Wise Guys: Men Mentoring Men
Troy Evans: Gang Member Turned Pastor
Eva Marie Everson: Reaching Teens and Reflections of God’s Holy Land (with Jessica Everson)
——— Five Brides, Five Lives, One Dress
Jessica Everson: Reaching Teens and Reflections of God’s Holy Land  (with Eva Marie Everson)


Bill Farrel: How to Be Love-Wise in Relationships (with Pam Farrel)
——— Short Takes: Couples Mentoring Couples (with Pam Farrel)
Pam Farrel: Helping Kids Stay Pure in Body, Soul, and Spirit
——— The Secret Language of Successful Couples
——— How to Be Love-Wise in Relationships (with Bill Farrel)
——— Short Takes: Couples Mentoring Couples (with Bill Farrel)
Danny Faulkner: A Telescopic View of Creation’s Wonders with Astronomer
Grace Fox: God’s Faithfulness through His Word
William J. Federer: Miracles in American History (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Kayla Fioravanti: 360 Degrees of Grief
Jesse Florea: Training Children in Faith and A Trip to Jordan
Kevin Foster: The Gospel According to Ruth
Gary Frazier: Scriptural Prophecies: It Could Happen Tomorrow
Lisa Franklin: Alpha Omega Miracle Home for Unwed Moms and Homeless “Grandmas”
——— Remembering Roe v. Wade
Sylvia Hart Frejd: The Digital Invasion and Using Technology Wisely
Kristie Frieze: The Importance of Bible Translation


Ron Gafni: The Beauty of the Holy Land (with Kathleen Barrett)
Gloria Gaither The Importance of God’s Word and Christian Music in Believers’ Lives
Danielle Gallman: African-American Worship Music: A Heritage Worth Preserving (with Marlene Gallman)
Marlene Gallman: African-American Worship Music: A Heritage Worth Preserving (with Danielle Gallman)
Brenda Garrison: Princess Unaware: Finding the Fabulous in Every Day (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
David Geisler: Conversational Evangelism (with Norman Geisler, interviewed by Patty Webb)
Norman Geisler: Conversational Evangelism (with David Geisler, interviewed by Patty Webb)
Keith Getty: Facing a Task Unfinished
Sheryl Giesbrecht: Get Back Up When Life Knocks You Down
Linda Gilden: Words to Live By
Julie Gillies: Cam God Use Anyone? From Hot Mess to Blessed
Linda Goldfarb: Are Relationships Key to Keeping Children in the Faith? (with Cynthia Cavanaugh and Jeanne Dennis)
Gretchen Goldsmith: Why to Wait Until Marriage
Jeenie Gordon: You Can Break the Chains of Domestic Abuse (with Susan Titus Osborn)
Callie Grant: Encourage Your Child’s Spiritual Growth through Board Books
——— The Spiritual Challenges of Growing Your Family
Steve Greene, Dr.: Love Leads in Business and the Home
TaRanda Greene: The Hoppers: It’s All About Jesus (with Kim, Dean, and Claude Hopper)
Tina Griffin: Counter-Culture Mom: Helping Kids Navigate a Dangerous Culture
Tracy Groot: The Miracle of Dunkirk and Today
Darara Gubo: Christian Duties, Privileges, and Persecutions Around the World
Beth Guckenberger: Relentless Hope for Orphans
——— Orphans: Tales of the Not Forgotten
Brad Guice: The Great Commission through a Photographer’s Lens
Os Guinness: America’s Fragile Freedom: A Free People’s Suicide
Colin Gunn: God’s Design for Teaching Children
George Guthrie: Read the Bible for Life


Todd Hafer: Forever Love
Benton Hall: Pointing Youth to the Heavenly Father
Billy Hallowell: Faultline, An Urgent Call to Engage Our Culture
Ken Ham: Ark Encounter Construction Site (with Mark Looy)
——— Are Millennials Ready to Return to Biblical Faith?
Becky Harling: Who Do You Believe Jesus to Be?
Larnelle Harris: Shaped Notes, How Mentors Helped Shape His Life
Susan Harris: Reaching Gen Z and Millennials with the Gospel
Marianne Hering: Encouraging Kids to Read
Claude Hopper: The Hoppers: It’s All About Jesus (with Kim and Dean Hopper and TaRanda Greene)
Dean Hopper: The Hoppers: It’s All About Jesus (with Kim and Claude Hopper and TaRanda Greene)
Kim Hopper: The Hoppers: It’s All About Jesus (with Claude and Dean Hopper and TaRanda Greene)
Bob Hostetler: The Bard and the Bible
———Short Takes, Devotions, Shakespeare, and the Bible
Kathy Howard: Unshakeable Faith (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
———Embraced by Holiness
Perry Hubbard: How and Why We Do Missions
June Hunt: Caring for Loved Ones with Cancer
——— Answers to Anger (Interviewed by Angela Breidenbach)
——— How to Deal with Bullying
——— Conflict Resolution
——— Aging with Character


J. J. Jasper: Hope in Tragedy
Sharon Jaynes: How God Fulfills Dreams (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Nathaniel Jeanson: Does Belief in Evolution Change Our View of God?
——— Isn’t It Time for Replacing Darwin?
——— Our View of God and Evolution – Short Takes
Jenifer Jernigan: Dive Deeper in Your Faith through Ephesians
Jean Johnson: Missions: We Are Not the Hero (interviewed by Karen Whiting)
Kevin Wayne Johnson: Give God the Glory in the Church
Bryan Jones: The Significance of the Cross and Resurrection
Karen Jordan: Do You Worry? Suffer Anxiety? Words that Change Everything
Lane Jordan: How to Become More Organized


Charlene Quint Kalebic: A Dad’s Legacy as a Veteran of World War 2
Cheri Keaggy: No Longer My Own with Cheri Keaggy
Camryn Kelly: Friendship with Peers, Parents, and God (with Erin Kelly)
Erin Kelly: Friendship with Peers, Parents, and God  (with Camryn Kelly)
Jill Kelly: Parenting and Marriage with God at the Center (with Jim Kelly)
Jim Kelly: Parenting and Marriage with God at the Center  (with Jill Kelly)
DeDe Kendall: Lady in Waiting for Little Girls (with Jackie Kendall)
Jackie Kendall: Lady in Waiting for Little Girls  (with DeDe Kendall)
Alex Kendrick: Prayer, Mentoring, Parenting, and War Room (with Stephen Kendrick)
——— More about War Room and God’s Amazing Provision
——— Short Takes: Mentoring Children and Young Filmmakers
Stephen Kendrick: Prayer, Mentoring, Parenting, and War Room (with Alex Kendrick)
——— More about War Room and God’s Amazing Provision
——— Short Takes: Mentoring Children and Young Filmmakers
Carol Kent: Real-Life Miracles (with Jennie Afman Dimkoff)
——— God’s Faithfulness in Pain
Kim Ketola: Finding God’s Love After Abortion (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
——— Remembering Roe v. Wade
Lillian Klepp: Obeying God’s Lead to Adventure
Knit Wits: Knitting for Christ
Ginger Kolbaba: Interview with an Editor
Sarah Kovac: In God’s Capable Arms Without the Use of Arms (Interviewed by Sharon Norris Elliott)


Kelley Latta: Will Your Work for Christ Survive?
Michelle Lazurek: Deep Hospitality
Beverly Lewis: Writing Fiction that Changes Lives
Kathi Lipp: Praying God’s Word for Life (Interviewed by Karen Whiting)
David Liscum: On Worship: Into the Great Unknown
Beth Loecken: Passionate Faith in Action (with Jay Loecken)
Jay Loecken: Passionate Faith in Action  (with Beth Loecken)
Zelma Loeske: Is It Enough to Count Our Blessings? Zelma’s Farm
Rob Loos: Iesedo, the Way of Jesus, Children’s Videos
Mark Looy: Ark Encounter Construction Site (with Ken Ham)
Max Lucado: You’ll Get Through This – with God
Daniel Lusko: Director of Persecuted Talks about Movie
Erwin Lutzer: Rescuing the Gospel, Luther, Hitler, & American Culture
Lowell Lytle: Titanic Captain Actor: Diving into the Deep


Kathi Macias: Persecution, How Fiction Changes Lives
——— Let My People Go! (guest blog)
——— Stories of Our Heritage Told through Quilts
——— Everything in God’s Strength
Kathy Maggart: 1947 Freedom Train and America’s Founding Documents
Timothy Mahoney: Patterns of Evidence for the Exodus
——— Patterns of Evidence: Exodus – for Youth and Adults
——— What Do You Do with a Crisis of Faith?
Lee Ann Mancini: Teaching Morals to Young Children
——— Teaching Young Children to Love Jesus and Others
Lisa Martin: Chasing Fire: Encountering the Divine 
Torry Martin: Comedian, Actor, and Writer
Victor Marx: Going Wherever God Leads
Babbie Mason: Gratefiul Servant of Our Amazing God
——— God’s Amazing Love for Us
——— Leaning Into Our Wonderful God
Jim McBride: Making a Rite of Passage for Teens
Percy McCray: Ministering to Cancer Patients and Caregivers
Josh McDowell: God-Breathed: Amazing Evidence for the Accuracy of the Bible
Lucinda Secrest McDowell: Live These Words
Alex McFarland: Questions All Christians Must Answer (Interviewed by Jeanne Dennis and Patty Webb)
——— Abandoned Faith: Will Millennials Return?
——— Church, Culture, College, and Apologetics
Nancy McGargle: Healing from Trauma and Grief
Matt McKee: Parent Chat about Technology
Heidi McLaughlin: Turning Trouble from Sand to Pearls
Carol McLeod: Living the Joyful Life God Made You For
——— Joy for All Seasons
Edie Melson: Fighting Fear about Our Children
——— Praying When My Child Is Away
——— What Can I Do While My Soldier Serves?
David Menton: A Cellular Biologist Marvels at Creation
Cathy Collard Miller: Our Adoption Assures Us (guest blog)
Janet Lynn Mitchell: Words Matter
Shirley Mitchell: Living Purposefully after 50, 60, or 70 (with Cruiser Small)
Dr. Carl Moeller: The Privilege of Persecution (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Penny Monetti: Called to Serve – Help for Military Families (with Tony Monetti)
Tony Monetti: Called to Serve – Help for Military Families (with Penny Monetti)
Shayne Moore: https://jeannedennis.com/archives/8910
Stephanie Perry Moore: Fiction for Kids Dealing with Real-Life Issues (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
John Morgan: Does Fear Keep You Paralyzed?
Judy Mumford: Beyond Rubber Duckies
Heather Munn: WWII History: How Huge the Night (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Cec Murphey: The Heartbreak of Dementia
——— Making Sense When Life Doesn’t
——— I Believe in Healing and Heaven
Mark Mynheir: Police Officer & Mystery Writer: Fathers Be the Best You Can Be


Mike Nawrocki: VeggieTales: Using Story to Teach Biblical Truth


Nicole O’Dell: Hot Button Issues for Preteens and Teens
Yvonne Ortega: Praising God in the Midst of Pain
Susan Titus Osborn: Healing and Hope for Suicide Victims and Survivors (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
——— You Can Break the Chains of Domestic Abuse (with Jeenie Gordon)
Bryan Osborne: Equipped to Stand on God’s Word
——— How to Share the Gospel with a Culture that Doesn’t Believe
——— How Do Worldview Assumptions Affect Our Beliefs? Two-Minute Answers
——— How Can Christians Respond to Issues in a Culture that Rejects God? Two-Minute Answers


Annie Pajcic: Creating Art Through God’s Word
Gayla Parker: Active Compassion (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Star Parker: Welfare, Abortion, Urban CURE, Planned Parenthood, and Jesus
David Parsons: Noah, Darwin, Israel, and End-Times Prophecy
Jay Payleitner: 52 Things Daughters Need from Their Dads
——— A Birthday Card from God to You
——— Conversations Kids Need to Have with Dad
——— What If God Wrote Your Bucket List?
——— 52 Ways to Pray for Your Kids
——— Thanksgiving: Hold the Dessert (guest blog)
Nancy Pearcey: Finding Truth in a Culture that Denies It
Wayne Pederson: The Gospel for Every Tongue and People
Arlene Pellicane: You Can Make Your Tired Marriage Thrive Again
Ava Pennington: Knowing God through His Names and Attributes
Paul Perkins: Transplants, Near Death, Miracles, and Never Giving Up (with Anita Brooks)
Sarah Parshall Perry: Encouragement for Moms: Sand in My Sandwich
Eva Kroon Pike: A Singer Who Understands Love Is All About God
Eva Kroon Pike All About You – Short Takes
Don Piper: Heaven Is Real: Are You Ready? (with Eva Piper)
Eva Piper: Heaven Is Real: Are You Ready?  (with Don Piper)
Dr. Everett Piper: College Is Not a Day Care
Brenda Poinsett: Keeping Christ in Holiday Celebrations
Mishael Porembski: How to Handle Grief? How to 180 Your Life (with Ron Wean)
Charles Powell: Not in My Town – Human Trafficking (with Dillon Burroughs, interviewed by Patty Webb)
Georgia Purdom: Geneticist Dr. Georgia Purdom on Science and the Bible


Friedhelm Radandt: The Radio Signal: WWII from a German Christian’s Perspective
Mike Rakes: Slings and Stones: Confidently Facing Our Fears
Sandy Ralya: Better Marriages through Mentoring (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Arthur Rasco: Facing the Darkness of Ebola with Movie Director
Loren Reno: Leadership Tips from a Three-Star General
——— Short Takes: Leadership Tips from Three-Star General Loren Reno
Rhonda Rhea: Expresso Your Faith
Curtis Riskey: Christian Marketing in Today’s Culture
Dave Richardson: Transparent: Seeing through Assumptions that Control Us
Rod Robison: How Powerful Is the Devil? Unmasking the Masquerade (with Adrian Van Vactor)
Linda Rooks: Pain and Hope in Marital Separation
Joel Rosenberg: Alliance for the Peace of Jerusalem
Cynthia Ruchti: Surviving the Fallout of Other People’s Choices
——— Christmas Novels and Song of Silence
——— As My Parents Age
Laurie Russell: I Love Him, I Love Him Not (Interviewed by Sharon Norris Elliott)


Judy Salisbury: Conversation on the Road to Emmaus (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Ginger Sanders: Disaster Relief: God Goes Before Us
Jay Schabacker: God’s Amazing Love Shown through Creation
John Schlitt: Singing the Message of Christ
Tricia Seaman: God Gave Me You: the Amazing Story of a Dying Woman’s Gift
Todd Shaffer: Animating Biblical Truth
Laurel Shaler: Reclaiming Sanity When Life Overwhelms You
Linda Evans Shepherd: Surviving in Difficult Times (guest video blog)
——— When You Need a Miracle
——— Called to Pray: Astounding Stories of Answered Prayer
Don Shenk: The Tide Global Radio & the Challenge to Reach the World for Christ
Dr. Mark Sherwood: Living Healthy Lives for God’s Glory
David Shibley Missionaries Who Were Great for God
Cynthia L Simmons: Pursuing Gold, Pursuing God
Dr. Mary Manz Simon: My March to the Manger and Cultural Trends in Parenting
——— Teaching Virtues to Children
——— Leaving Footprints of Faith
——— Help Children Cope with Emotions
Greg Singleton: Raising Godly Children: Let It Shine! (with Martha Singleton, interviewed by Patty Webb)
Martha Singleton: Raising Godly Children: Let It Shine! (with Greg Singleton, interviewed by Patty Webb)
Vonda Skelton: God’s Work in Our Lives
——— Why You Should Tell Your Story
Cruiser Small: Living Purposefully after 50, 60, or 70 (with Shirley Mitchell)
Kendra Smiley: In Christ We Can Live Free (Interviewed by Angela Breidenbach)
Doug Smith: Screens Controlling Your Life? Find Out Why and Break Free
Poppy Smith: Marriage: Why Can’t He Be More Like Me?
——— Five Free Valentine Gifts He’ll Love  https://jeannedennis.com/archives/1032 (guest blog)
——— Same-Sex Marriage, Now What? (guest blog)
Andrew Snelling: A Geologist Discusses Fossils, Rock Layers, Gems, and the Genesis Flood
——— A Geologist Discusses Dating Methods
Lauraine Snelling: Wake the Dawn, Power of Faith-Based Stories, Ups and Downs of Faith
Kevin Sorbo: Can Believers Make a Difference in Hollywood? Let There Be Light (with Sam Sorbo)
Sam Sorbo: Can Believers Make a Difference in Hollywood? Let There Be Light  (with Kevin Sorbo)
Rabbi Aryeh Spero: Protect America’s Judeo-Christian Heritage (Interviewed by Jeanne Dennis and Patty Webb)
Melissa Spoelstra: Total Family Makeover
Bruce Stacey: Ice Dragon: Legend of the Blue Daisies with Director
Todd Starnes: Religious Freedom Under Attack in America
Dawn Stone: Choosing Life with TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome)
——— Remembering Roe v. Wade
Laura Story: Blessings in the Midst of Trouble (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Diane Stortz: Words to Dream On: Bible Bedtime Stories for Children
Doug Stringer: In Search of a Father’s Blessing
——— Leadership Awakening; Leading from the Unshakeable Foundation of Scripture
Lee Strobel: The Case for Christ (with Leslie Strobel)
Leslie Strobel: The Case for Christ  (with Lee Strobel)
Wayne Summers: All the Commands of Jesus (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Jimmy Swan: His Kids United: Music Sung by Kids for Kids


Del Tackett: Is Genesis History?
——— Biblical Worldview and Cultural Stewardship
Wayne Talbot: The Dawkins Deficiency
——— Can Evolution and Creation Both Be True? – Two-Minute Answers
——— Dawkins and Unproven Evolution – Short Takes
Mary Tatem: Learning about God and His Word through Quilting (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Evelyn Johnson Taylor: The Heart of a Caregiver
——— Can We Have True Joy in Pain?
David Teems: The Majesty of the King James Bible, and the King Behind It
——— Tyndale, the Man Who Gave God an English Voice
——— Speak to Me – With God’s Words
——— Godspeed: Encouraging Voices of the Reformers
Lysa TerKeurst: Unglued: Maintaining Good Relationships
Dr. Lindsay Terry: Stories Behind Christmas Carols, Hymns, and Worship Songs
Stacey Thacker: Hope for the Weary Mom
Janet Thompson: Bible Women (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Vicki Tiede: Parenting on Your Knees and Dealing with a Husband’s Visual Addiction
Paul David Tripp: Real Hope for Marriages
Dee Ann Turner: Culture Matters in the Workplace and the Home with Chik-fil-A’s Dee Ann Turner


Laura-Valentine: Twice Adopted, Singing for Orphans
Elizabeth Van Liere: Dare to Live for God at Any Age
Adrian Van Vactor: How Powerful Is the Devil? Unmasking the Masquerade (with Rod Robison)
Susan VandePol: Widowhood: Life After Breath


J. Warner Wallace: God’s Crime Scene: Evidence for Creation
——— Is Christian Faith Based on Evidence? Cold-Case Detective J. Warner Wallace Says Yes
John Waller: Singer/Songwriter As for Me and My House
——— John Waller We Will Serve the Lord – Short Takes
Kalyn Cherry Waller: Protect Your Kids from Predators  (with Lisa Cherry)
James E. Ward Jr.: Know Jesus, Never a Victim
Freddy Washington Jr.: The Jesus Record
Michael Watkins: God at Work in Guatemala
Jean Watson: Singing and Fiddling for God’s Glory
——— Short Takes: Music and Ministry of Jean Watson
Ron Wean: How to Handle Grief? 180 Your Life (with Mishael Porembski)
Patty Webb: Panorama Eggs, Part 1
——— Panorama Eggs, Part 2
——— Panorama Egg Instructions
——— How to Measure Ingredients and Ourselves
——— Fathers and Our Heavenly Father
——— Nativity Scenes and What They Can Teach Us
Amber Weigand-Buckley: Teen Magazine Editor on Faith, Culture, and Teens
Thelma Wells “Mama T”: In These Times, What Time Is It for You?
Dave Wernli: Mixed Emotions in Our Experience with God
Tama Westman: Personalities Perspectives (interviewed by Angela Breidenbach)
Roger Wheelock: Do You Know What You Believe and Why?
Jeffrey Wick: Public Education and American Ideals (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Karen Whiting: Training Children in Faith through Everyday Activities
——— Stories of Faith and Courage on the Home Front (Interviewed by Sheryl Giesbrecht)
——— Raising Young Princesses and Preparing for Christmas
Jerry Wiles: Orality and Sharing the Gospel
Don Willett: The Path to Authentic Spiritual Growth
Jonathan Williams: Victory Over Sin
Pat Williams: Author, Speaker, Father of 19 on Leadership
Carl Wilson: From Natural Chance to Personal Creator (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Gordon Wilson: The Riot and the Dance of Creation
Robin Wolaver: The Song of Annie Moses, a Legacy of Praise


Yancy: The Power of Music to Help Children Connect with God


Ravi Zacharias: Suffering, Healing, Scripture, and Dawkins (press conference)
——— Showing God’s Love to a Changing World (portion of a speech)
Christy Ziglar: Teaching Kids the Value of Delayed Gratification
Zoro: Soar into God’s Best for You


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