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Gospel Conversations: The Key to Evangelism

Guest Book Review by Matthew Ranck

As a seminary student, I have a heavy burden for seeing people redeemed by the grace of God. I know from the Bible that God’s priority is the redemption of His people, for His glory.

Is Sharing the Gospel for Professionals?

Where do we fit in this mission? Has God entrusted the sharing of the gospel only to a select few trained pastors or evangelists?

Most certainly not. Jesus gave the Great Commission to every believer. He wants all of His followers to become “fishers of men” like the fishermen in Matthew 4.

Sharing in Everyday Conversations

Turning Everyday Conversations Into Gospel Conversations is a book to empower and inspire Christians to share the gospel.

Authors and pastors Jimmy Scroggins and Steve Wright collaborated to produce this short, seven-chapter resource. I believe it simplifies and revolutionizes how we see evangelism.

A User-friendly Method

In their book, the authors present a user-friendly evangelistic tool called the “3 Circles” method of sharing the gospel. This technique works both in American society and abroad.

In fact, the 3 Circles method has become a primary resource for discipleship and evangelism for the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

This method enables readers to swiftly incorporate the metanarrative of the Bible with personal stories of grace. In this way, we can more easily tell everyone how Jesus makes a way out of and breaks the chains of brokenness we experience in our lives.

The 3 Circles

The 3 Circles technique is a visual aid, an easily adaptable method of sharing the Gospel. Scroggins draws out three circles connecting the three with the major focuses on the metanarrative of the Bible.

Moving from God’s Design to Brokenness to the Gospel and back to God’s design, we can lay out the basics of the gospel. This versatile tool doesn’t require a rigid script or a ton of scripture memorization.

All Ages Can Use This Tool

The book presents several accounts of people using the 3 Circles method. These include children, elderly, and others who used the tool in beautiful cross-cultural experiences.

Having used the 3 Circles method, I can attest to its simplicity and replicability. I have used it with children, with lost waiters and waitresses, and in multicultural conversations around the world,

The Gospel is Key

The key, as mentioned in the book, is not so much the method of presentation, but the gospel itself. God, who draws us to Himself, brings life and salvation to spiritually blind and dead people. He works through faithful stewards of the gospel.

That is, He works through ordinary people like you and me.

We Can All Do Our Part

Every believer is capable of evangelism. According to the authors, we average twenty-seven conversations per day. We can transition many of these conversations into discussions about the gospel.

Turning Everyday Conversations Into Gospel Conversations is a helpful guide to sharing the gospel with a lost and dying world.

This book can inspire millions of Christians to turn everyday conversations into gospel conversations. Thus, we can all do our part to fulfill the Great Commission.

© Matthew Ranck

 Matthew Ranck is a seminary student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife have a longing to see the communities they live in and around impacted by the gospel through the active engagement of the local church. Their prayer is to see this generation not just claiming Jesus, but wearing Jesus proudly and confessing Him to a lost world.

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