A Family Christmas

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A Family Christmas 

A Music Album by Jeanne Dennis and Her Family

A Family Christmas, Jeanne Dennis, Emma St. Jacques, Noah St. Jacques, Christine St. Jacques, Aaron St. Jacques, Lucy St. Jacques, Steve DennisBack cover of A Family Christmas with Song details

A Family Christmas is an album by Jeanne Dennis and her family with new and classic songs and stories of family traditions. Traditional songs include a performance of “O Holy Night” in two languages, “Silent Night,” and an original English version of Bach/Gounod’s “Ave Maria” taken from the original account in Scripture.

New songs for the family include “True Christmas Light,” “Born to Forgive,” “Love Personified,” “Stocking for Jesus,” “Love’s Table,” “Have a Happy Birthday Jesus,” and “Home for Christmas.”

Our family had a lot of fun making this album. We had no idea when we recorded it that it would be our last Christmas all together. We’re grateful to the Lord for giving us the joy of recording these songs and memories. We hope they bless your family as well.

May the Lord bless you and your family every year with a Christmas season filled with His joy, love, and peace!

To God be all glory!

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