One Small Voice for God

Be that one

One Small Voice for God

One Small Voice for God

With all the trouble in this world, can my one voice make a difference? Can yours? In the power of Jesus Christ, it can. “One Small Voice for God” is a song by Jeanne Dennis that answers the questions, “Can I make a difference in a confused world?”

Why I Wrote “One Small Voice for God”

One day someone said to me, “The world is such a mess. I just don’t see how I can make a difference.”

That got me thinking, and the song “One Small Voice for God” became my answer to this friend. We can each make a difference, wherever we are. If we stay close to our Savior and obey, God will provide many opportunities for us to love and serve in His name. Our actions may seem insignificant in view of all the world’s problems, but through God’s obedient children He will make a huge difference in the world. Each and every one of us can be one small voice for God.

In the music video below, photos not taken by Jeanne Dennis are used by permission of photographers, especially Anita Peppers (anitapeppers) and Mary R. Vogt (taliesin). “One Small Voice for God” is available online. 

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