Living with One Foot in Heaven

Living with One Foot in Heaven CD Cover


Living with One Foot in Heaven

Living with One Foot in Heaven CD back coverLiving with One Foot in Heaven is a collection of songs that expresses the journey I have walked in my relationship with Jesus Christ in the past several years. For example, the Lord gave me the joyful chorus to “Forever Waltz” in the midst of an extremely difficult time. I wrote “Still We’ll Praise Jesus” while pondering the plight of persecuted Christians around the world and considering what my reaction would be—and must be—if I ever face the same.

“The God of Me” and “Melody of Life” celebrate the wonders of creation that bear witness to the beauty, power, and might of our Creator, evidence I observe each and every day.

“Living with One Foot in Heaven” speaks of the spiritual battles we face and recalls the full armor of God we must put on daily to defeat our enemy, the devil. This is the music we used to introduce the early Heritage of Truth online television shows (still available on our TV and Blog).

I was teaching a Bible study on the book of Ruth while writing “You Love Me,” a song that expresses my incredulous gratitude for God’s gift of love in spite of my sinfulness. The story of Ruth and her marriage to Boaz is a beautiful picture of our redemption by Jesus, and this book inspired me as I wrote the lyrics for this song.

I wrote “So Many Goodbyes” when my husband was traveling almost full time on a day when found it especially hard to say yet another goodbye. People also find this song comforting when they have lost a loved one.

“Guide Me Home, Perfect Light” is a revision of a song I wrote many years ago that had never quite satisfied me. I wanted to take listeners from confusion, hopelessness, and loneliness to the certainty of God’s presence and His promise never to leave or forsake us, even when we can’t tell He’s with us.

I wrote “Write His Answer” in preparation to do a keynote speech at a writer’s conference with that theme. While considering the title, I realized that it is in believers’ everyday lives that we write God’s answer for the world’s pain and confusion.

“Soldiers of Christ/Carry the Message” combines a chorus I wrote with an old hymn by Basil Manly Jr. At that time, the Lord was helping me understand the importance of sharing the best gift of all, the gospel of Christ, with others.

“Forever Waltz” – This joyous song came out of a season of debilitating depression. One night at 3 in the morning, I was at my lowest point. That’s when the Lord gave me the chorus to this song. He assured me that as I follow Him, He will guide me through life and eternity in a loving and beautiful waltz. Here is a sample:

I had a lot of fun with “Step by Step, My Savior, Lead Me.” Originally I had written a simple arrangement for this simple song, but I never really liked it. Since I speak of God’s presence being with me even “should I cross the widest ocean,” I decided to give it an international flavor. I hope you enjoy my “world version.”

Nothing matters to me more than my relationship with God through His Son, Jesus, so you might view this album as a collection of love songs to Him. I hope you enjoy it, but more than that, I hope this album draws you closer to Him to whom all glory and honor and praise belongs.

With special thanks to my mentors: Brendan Joyce, Jimmy and Carol Owens, Scott Wesley Brown, and David Beauchamp.

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