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Running Barefoot on Holy Ground: Childlike Intimacy with God

By Jeanne Gowen Dennis

Running Barefoot on Holy GroundAVAILABLE FROM THE AUTHOR

Are you missing something in your faith walk? A life filled with Jesus is a life of joyous abandon when we give ourselves permission to experience it like a child, but this type of relationship can happen only as we grow in our understanding of the awesome holiness of God. Running Barefoot on Holy Ground can help you rediscover the joy of loving God with the abandon and innocence of a child.

This book is a balm to the spirit of anyone hungering to know God intimately as their heavenly Daddy. Through literature, Scripture, story, and practical exercises, Jeanne helps us assume that childlikeness that pleases God and draws us near to his heart.

Mary Beth Lagerborg, Author of Dwelling: Living Fully from the Space You Call Home
Former Communications Manager for MOPS International


Homeschooling High School: Planning Ahead for College Admission

HSHS2cover-230x300by Jeanne Gowen Dennis
Foreword by Michael Farris

In its second edition, this book is a complete guide for families planning to or thinking about homeschooling their teens during high school. This 8 1/2 x 11, 320-page book covers topics like: deciding on the best type of education for your teens, building education on a firm moral and spiritual foundation, understanding worldview, setting goals, doing high school coursework, meeting requirements, getting help with difficult courses, choosing a college, navigating the college application process, preparing transcripts, writing college essays, and more.

Wise counsel and realistic suggestions . . . from someone who has already faced the challenges, learned from her successes and failures, and developed a strong desire to impart what she has learned. Michael Farris, Founder and President, Patrick Henry College, Chairman and General Counsel, Home School Legal Defense Association

Marta’s Promise

A Novel by Jeanne Dennis and Sheila Seifert


As Marta Ebel leaves her German homeland illegally in 1766 to seek a new life in Russia, a five-year-old boy is unexpectedly left in her care. To save them both, she must put her trust in a handsome French rogue who passes himself off as a fellow emigrant. On her perilous journey, Marta discovers the real meaning of faith and the true cost of love.

Brimming with the spirit of new hope amid dramatic uncertainties and physical hardships, the story of German relocation in the 1700s comes to life in these remarkable pages. It’s not a story of the past as much as a story of human endeavor, 

challenges, dangers, and faith.
Gerald Perschbacher, Editor, historian, and author

Books for Children

Bible Kidventures: Stories of Danger and Courage

by Jeanne Gowen Dennis and Sheila Seifert

Affiliate link: Bible KidVentures Stories of Danger and Courage

Bible Kidventures Stories of Danger & Courage
Bible Kidventures Stories of Danger & Courage

Jump into the middle of the action of your favorite Bible stories! Smell the saltwater as the Red Sea parts and hear the battle cries as the Amalekites attack. In these choose-your-own-ending stories, you are the main character. Will you show courage in the face of danger? It’s up to you.

Deadly Expedition!
Pharaoh’s army is after your people, and you’re trapped by the Red Sea. Will you stick around to find out what happens? And when Moses disappears for 40 days, will you help the others build a new god out of gold?

Is your Aunt Rahab a spy? You want to trust her, but should you? Those men from Israel said that your city, Jericho, will be destroyed. What are you going to do?

When your country is about to be attacked, will you hide out at home, march into battle with King Jehoshaphat, or be taken as a prisoner to the enemy camp? The choice Thank you for letting me have Attack! and Trapped! They are really cool books. I really like the kind of books that you get to make decisions. Andrewis yours.

This new belief in Jesus is causing a lot of trouble for people. A man named Saul is having Christians killed. What will you do? Is it worth risking your life?

Matt's Fantastic Electronic Compusonic
Matt’s Fantastic Electronic Compusonic

Written by Jeanne Gowen DennisDear Jeanne Dessis, Thank you for all the great books and postcards. I like the Copusonic book because it techis you a lesin. Kristen
Illustrated by Jeannie St. John Taylor


When Matt receives a new handheld video game for his birthday, he gets so involved with it that his friends have to eat the cake without him. This begins a comical look at what can happen when video game addiction (or any other obsession) is allowed to take over a person’s life. The characters in Matt’s game grow larger and larger as Matt plays until his brain is so muddled that he is in danger of losing the championship game for his baseball team. Matt has to come back to earth fast. Can he do it?


The Clubhouse Mystery

Mystery at Crestwater Camp

My Time with God 2

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