Can We Trust the Bible?

Can We Trust the Bible Five Reasons Why We Can with Jeanne Dennis, Heritage of Truth,

Can We Trust the Bible?

Five Reasons Why We Can

Can we trust the Bible? Heritage of Truth host Jeanne Dennis presents five reasons we can trust the Bible to guide us in every area of life.

This video is the second in a series by Heritage of Truth host Jeanne Dennis. A commissioned Colson Fellow and Centurion, she produces Heritage of Truth to help parents and grandparents nurture lifelong confidence in biblical truth.

Learn more about how you can pass on a biblical worldview to your children and grandchildren through this series.

Interviews Mentioned

During this show, Jeanne refers to her interview with Josh McDowell about his book God-Breathed.

Our two interviews with J. Warner Wallace also relate to this topic. They can be found at the following links: God’s Crime Scene and Cold-Case Christianity.

To find links for all Heritage of Truth interviews and blog posts, go to TV and Blog by Topic or TV and Blog by Guest/Author.

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