Do You Worship a False God?

Do You Worship a False God? Heritage of Truth

Do you worship a false God? Many who call themselves Christians do. This is the third in a series on worldview. Here Heritage of Truth host Jeanne Dennis explores answers to the question, “Who is the God of the Bible?”

Jeanne studies worldview and apologetics on a regular basis. She is a certified Colson Fellow and Centurion. Learn more about how you can pass on a biblical worldview to your children and grandchildren through this series.

Jeanne Gowen Dennis is host of Heritage of Truth TV and cohost of the Grace Overflowing podcast. She has authored/coauthored a dozen books, all supporting the biblical worldview. These include Homeschooling High School and Stories of Danger and Courage (in Focus on the Family and Tyndale’s Bible Kidventures series).

Watch for Jeanne’s new illustrated book for children, Annabella’s Crown, coming soon from Elk Lake Publishing.

You can purchase Jeanne’s latest book, Stories of Danger and Courage, using our affiliate link, below. This book contains four exciting Bible stories, faithfully told in a choose-your-own-ending style.

Bible Kidventures Stories of Danger & Courage

Bible KidVentures Stories of Danger and Courage

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