Bible Stories of Danger and Courage

Bible Kidventures Stories of Danger and Courage with Jeanne Dennis

Karen Whiting is our guest host as she interviews Jeanne Dennis about the choose-your-own-ending Bible stories book she co-authored with Sheila Seifert, Bible Kidventures: Stories of Danger and Courage.

Karen and Jeanne discuss the importance of choices and how reading can help both children and adults understand that their own choices matter.

Although the books are designed for children to read for themselves, Karen tells how she used this book for a fun time with her own family and how you can use it with yours.

Jeanne and Sheila’s book is available through the following link. As affiliates, we benefit from sales, but you pay no more. Thank you for supporting Heritage of Truth.


Bible KidVentures Stories of Danger and Courage paperback

83128EB: Bible KidVentures Stories of Danger and Courage - eBook Bible KidVentures Stories of Danger and Courage – eBook
By Sheila Seifert & Jeanne Dennis / Focus on the FamilyWith Bible KidVentures: Stories of Danger and Courage you the reader are taken right into the middle of the action of your favorite Bible stories. In each story, you are the main character and what happens is completely up to you! Through your choices you can receive great rewards, get into big trouble, or even lose your life. It’s your turn to witness Bible history in action by entering the story and choosing your own path. The four stories included in this edition are: Deadly Exhibition, Trapped!, Attack!, and Escape!. Recommended for ages 10 to 14 years.

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