1947 Freedom Train and USA Founding Documents with Kathy Maggert

This month marks the 230-year anniversary of the signing of the US Constitution. Our guest, Kathy Maggart, joins host Jeanne Dennis to discuss the historic 1947 Freedom Train and the biblical worldview that helped to shape our founding documents: the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Kathy is a former educator and the author of the book The 1947 Freedom Train.

Do you have favorite quotes from our country’s founders? Do you and your children plan to celebrate the anniversary of the US Constitution? If so, please share below. I’m going to read Kathy’s book to my grandchildren and tell them why our freedom is so precious.

If you would like to purchase Kathy’s book using our affiliate link, you will find it below.

The 1947 Freedom Train
By Kathy Maggart, Kathie Eidson / New Day Christian

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