2 Pastors Answer: Where is God When Bad Things Happen?

Pastor Michael Catt of Sherwood Baptist Church

In the fall of 2016, Hurricane Matthew hit St. Augustine, Florida. A few months later, southwest Georgia was hit by devastating storms and tornadoes.

Pastor David Beauchamp of Crescent Beach Baptist Church on Heritage of TruthDavid Beauchamp is a pastor in St. Augustine. He discusses with host Jeanne Dennis why bad things happen and what the church can do when it does.

Michael Catt, still in the midst of disaster relief for his city of Albany, Georgia, gave us permission to excerpt a sermon he preached after the first storm hit his city.

We hope the wisdom offered by these two pastors will be of help to our viewers, especially during times of pain and hardship. Our prayers are with all those who have suffered in recent weeks.

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