Six Ways for Men to Thrive in Midlife

Steve Arterburn 6 Ways to Help Men Thrive in Midlife

Steve Arterburn of New Life Live joins Heritage of Truth host Jeanne Dennis to discuss ways men and their wives can deal with the emotions, confusion, and actions of men who struggle during midlife.

Steve offers hope, practical suggestions, and bullet-pointed steps for men to take to get through to the other side of midlife not only closer to God, but with their family relationships intact. He emphasizes how important it is for wives to understand the emotions affecting their husbands during this time.

Steve’s ministry, New Life, strives to “take people out of the isolation caused by trauma and sin, and help them find the path and the process to a right relationship with God.” The book discussed here is Six Ways for Men to Thrive in Midlife.


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Steve has dozens of books to help men and women with marriages and many other issues. His men’s books would make great Father’s Day gifts. If you would like to purchase 6 Ways for Men to Thrive During Midlife or browse his other books, see links below. As a affiliate, we benefit from sales generated through these links. Thank you in advance for helping Heritage of Truth.

624481: 6 Ways for Men to Thrive in Midlife 6 Ways for Men to Thrive in Midlife
By Stephen Arterburn / Aspire Press

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