Fiction and Solutions to Real Problems

Author and speaker Angie Breidenbach joins Jeanne Dennis to discuss the problem of addiction, especially workaholism, and how anything we love too much can lead to idolatry.

Angie confesses that she is a workaholic, and her novel A Healing Heart is somewhat autobiographical, because her main character, a single mom and business owner, fights to overcome her workaholism after a heart attack.

While recuperating, the character makes a memory quilt for her daughter and learns to lean on God instead of herself while a rival runs her business.

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  1. Thank you so much 🙂 Ironically, A Healing Heart is set during this time of year. So if someone would like to read it, they’ll feel like the days are matching real life 🙂
    I so enjoyed being with you. What a blessing!

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