Hope for Addictions and Life Problems

Hope for Addictions and Life Problems with Victor Torres, Heritage of Truth, JeanneDennis.com

Hope for Addictions and Life Problems

International speaker and pastor Victor Torres offers hope for addictions and life problems in part 2 of his interview with Jeanne Dennis.

Victor, the Movie

Based on the story of Torres’s early life as a gang member and heroine addict, a movie called Victor was released near the time of this interview in 2017. The movie is still available. In this discussion, Torres tells how the movie came to be made.

The Grip of Heroine

He also discusses the problem of heroine addiction and the necessity of prevention. After watching so many of his friends die on the streets from drug addictions and violence, Torres wanted to help prevent other young people from experiencing the same fate.

A Solution that Works

Torres and his wife started bringing troubled youth into their home. Eventually, this grew into a ministry called New Life for Youth. Their center has helped tens of thousands of troubled young people break free from addictions, learn life skills, and find jobs.

Jesus Is Still the Answer

Torres says, “The answer that worked for me then still works today. And that’s Jesus Christ who is the hope of glory.”

Victor Torres

Victor Torres was a gang warlord and heroin addict until God freed him. Later, Victor and his wife Carmen founded the New Life For Youth ministry.  This ministry has helped tens of thousands of young men and women find freedom from drug addiction and gang life. As his mother predicted, Victor is also a pastor.

Jeanne Dennis

Jeanne Dennis is a Colson Fellow and Centurion, trained in worldview. She is host of Heritage of Truth TV and cohost of the Grace Overflowing podcast. She has authored/coauthored a dozen books, all supporting the biblical worldview. These include Homeschooling High School and Stories of Danger and Courage (in Focus on the Family and Tyndale’s Bible Kidventures series).

Watch for Jeanne’s new illustrated book for children, Annabella’s Crown, coming in August 2021 from Elk Lake Publishing.

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