Saying Goodbye to Chuck Colson

Jeanne Dennis and Chuck Colson

Saying Goodbye to Chuck Colson

By Jeanne Gowen Dennis

Today, the world officially said goodbye to Chuck Colson. His death on April 21 left a void that will be hard to fill. I remember him first for all the BreakPoint commentaries I listened to through the years. His voice became as familiar to me a that of a family member as he helped feed my thirst for truth.

When he invited people to apply to become BreakPoint Centurions, I never thought I would be accepted. I was, and that began a one-year journey with Chuck and the other Centurions leaders who mentored us in being able to understand and articulate the biblical worldview in every area of life and culture.

Chuck, above anyone, helped me see that Christianity is the most logical of all belief systems. His passion for truth and for passing it on to others was contagious, and now I will do my best to continue to carry on his vision, along with about 800 other Centurions – not for Chuck’s memory or glory, but for the glory of Jesus Christ, the One he loved and served – the One I love and serve. Chuck was a great man because he accepted no greatness for himself. He made sure that all glory and honor and praise went, rightfully, to Jesus Christ.

I remember Chuck’s kindness, his friendly hellos, his genuine smiles. But more than anything, I remember his passion to bring glory to Jesus. To help bring the gospel to those who are lost and need the Savior. To bring help, hope, and comfort to those who suffer. I will miss him, but I look forward to meeting him again.

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