What Can I Do While My Soldier Serves? with Edie Melson

Author, speaker, and blogger Edie Melson has experienced the fear and other emotions that go along with having a loved one serve in the military. Her beautiful books While My Soldier Serves and While My Soldier Serves Prayer Journal provide inspiration and encouragement for those whose loved ones are serving. Edie also gives tips for coming alongside military families and general tips for praying for our children. Edie did two earlier interviews with us, one about her book While My Child Is Away: My Prayers for When We Are Apart. Edie’s first interview with us concerned dealing with fears we have for our children:

If you would like to purchase Edie Melson’s books using our affiliate link, we would greatly appreciate your support of our ministry. The links appear below. Just for fun, if you happen to see Edie’s book in Cracker Barrel, take a photo of yourself holding the book and post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

While My Soldier Serves Prayer Journal
By Ellie Claire

While My Child Is Away: My Prayers for When We Are Apart
By Edie Melson / Worthy Inspired

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