A Significant Life through Filmmaking

A Significant Life through Film Making with Rick Eldridge, Heritage of Truth, JeanneDennis.com

Rick Eldridge of ReelWorks Studios wants to leave a legacy and live a significant life. He does that through film making. His company, ReelWords Studios has produced movies like The Ultimate Gift, The Ultimate Life, Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius, the Hermie movies, and several others. This shorter version of a longer interview done previously is part of our Heritage of Truth Short Takes video series. Click here to see the entire original interview.

Have you watched any of Rick’s movies? If so, have they had an influence on your life? We’d love for you to share in the comments below.

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You can purchase Rick’s movies using our Christianbook.com affiliate links, below. Other movies by Rick are also available there.

151755: The Ultimate Gift The Ultimate Gift
By Ultimate Life: Spoiled Jason Stevens expects to inherit millions when his wealthy grandfather dies. Instead, the will requires him to complete 12 monthly tasks before receiving a dime. Can he rise to meet this beyond-the-grave challenge? Follow Jason on a yearlong journey that leads him to the last thing he ever expected! Stars James Garner and Brian Dennehy. (PG.) Approx. 75 minutes.
151712: The Ultimate Life, DVD The Ultimate Life, DVD
By Ultimate Life: This touching story of faith and family values is the much anticipated follow-up to the heartwarming film and best-selling book The Ultimate Gift. Three years after receiving life-changing gifts from his grandfather Red, Jason Stevens finds himself in need of guidance once again. Jason’s billion dollar foundation is being challenged in a courtroom battle, which complicates his relationship with his soul mate Alexia. But just when it looks as though Jason may lose it all, he discovers his grandfather’s precious journal. With everything he loves hanging in the balance, Jason embarks on an incredible journey into the past to discover what it truly means to live…The Ultimate Life. Rated PG. Closed-captioned. Approx. 109 minutes.
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