Worthwhile Movie Viewing with Dr. Ted Baehr

Worthwhile Movie Viewing with Dr. Ted Baehr, Heritage of Truth, JeanneDennis.com

Dr. Ted Baehr of Movie Guide joins Heritage of Truth host Jeanne Dennis to talk about how families can have worthwhile movie viewing time. He gives tips for discussing movies as a family. He also introduces his book Reel to Real.

How about you? Does your family enjoy watching movies together? Have you tried discussing them afterwards? Please share in the comments section below.

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The books Dr. Baehr discusses here are Reel to Real, The Culture-Wise Family, How to Succeed in Hollywood without Losing Your Soul, and Media-Wise Family. You can purchase all but the last of Dr. Baehr’s books through our Christianbook.com affiliate link:
Resources from Dr. Ted Baehr

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