Linda Evans Shepherd: When You Need a Miracle

Author and speaker Linda Evans Shepherd joins Jeanne Dennis to discuss whether miracles still happen today. Linda shares stories from her life that prove God is still very active in the lives of His people. She also speaks directly to those who feel they cannot go on and have considered suicide. She has been where they are and knows that God has a good plan for each of their lives.

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  1. I have read a lot of Linda’s books and I like them all. I have not read this one but it’s on my list. I met Linda at Bethany Church in Greenland NH. I thought she was such an amazing person and what great faith she has even after going thru everything she has. She has a gift for teaching God’s word thru her experience’s……..Thank you Linda

  2. “My daughter, who has been on life support for eighteen years, leads a very happy and healthy life.”

    How so?

    1. Linda writes in response: So my daughter has a few disabilities, who doesn’t? Despite her disabilities, she’s still my daughter and I love her. And even though she’s still on life support, she has a wonderful, happy life. She sings, laughs and loves all things Nancy Drew and the radio adventure Adventures in Odyssey. Her favorite movie is Marry Poppins, and she loves to make cupcakes and greeting cards. Sha always sees the best in everything and everyone, and fulfills her purpose better than anyone I know; to love and to be loved. She’s carefree and full of joy. My daughter is my hero, and I strive to be like her.

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