The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

By Jeanne Gowen Dennis

A friend gave me a small purple purse this evening. It was wrapped beautifully and was accompanied by a sweet note in a card. She told me the bag is for collecting blessings—things I’m thankful for, Scripture verses that are special to me, memories of answered prayers, or evidence of God’s working in my life. The whole family can get involved, and then we can read the notes we’ve collected when we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Each day, I’m grateful to see the beauty of nature behind our house, hear the melody of birds, and enjoy the glory that accompanies the setting sun. Each day I marvel at all the ways God has blessed me. But lately, I’ve been especially thankful for the best gift of all—the gift of Jesus and His salvation that He offers freely to all who believe in Him and ask Him to live inside them and be Lord of their lives.

To me, Easter—or Resurrection Day, which is coming up soon—is the most joyous day of the year, because it means we can live eternally with the One who loves us best. This month our online TV shows focus on this wonderful truth: we serve a risen Savior—God manifested in the flesh in Jesus Christ.

What are you thankful for? Is Easter just another holiday for eating sweets and having fun? Or is it, as it is meant to be, the glorious commemoration of God’s power that raised Jesus from the dead, of His mercy that doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve, and of His grace that gives believers hope and the promise of heaven? I hope this year, it will be for you a celebration of the best gift of all.

© Jeanne Gowen Dennis

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