Remembering Roe v. Wade

In commemoration of the tragic Roe v. Wade decision, we have compiled portions of four interviews. First, we hear from Kim Ketola, who had an abortion. She discusses the pain of abortion for all concerned and how people can heal. Then Dawn Stone recounts the story of the difficult decision she had to make when in the middle of her pregnancy her twins developed TTTS, a condition that potentially can kill one or both babies. Next, we meet Lisa Franklin, who was a teen mother and founded the Alpha Omega Miracle Home for unwed mothers and elderly women. Finally, Kay Camenisch tackles the problem of the righteous anger we may feel about the evil of abortion and its effects on women and innocent babies and how we should handle that anger in a biblical manner.

For the original, complete interviews, go to these links:

Kim Ketola  – Dawn Stone – Lisa Franklin – Kay Camenisch

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