Receiving Help in Crisis

Receiving Help in Crisis with Gene and Carol Kent, Heritage of Truth

Receiving Help in Crisis

Receiving help in crisis can be difficult, especially when you’re used to helping others. Gene and Carol Kent return in part 2 of their interview with Jeanne Dennis.

Men Helping Men

Their son, who was incarcerated for murder, had no one to help or advise him before he made his terrible choice. Gene discusses the importance of men receiving regular support and accountability from other men.

Spouses Helping Each Other

Gene and Carol also talk about how spouses can serve and love each other through crisis. They give advice for when one spouse withdraws.

Accepting Help from Others

The Kents had to learn to accept help and compassion from others. Before their son’s arrest, they had been the ones offering help to others.

Giving Help to Others

It’s hard to know how to show you care when others are hurting. Gene and Carol give advice on how to show compassion and give the right kind of help to people experiencing a crisis.

Gene and Carol Kent

Carol and Gene Kent are coauthors with Cindy and David Lambert of the book Staying Power: Building a Stronger Marriage when Life Sends Its Worst. Gene and Carol also direct the annual Speak Up Conference for writers and speakers.

Jeanne Dennis

Jeanne Dennis is a Colson Fellow and Centurion, trained in worldview. She is host of Heritage of Truth TV and cohost of the Grace Overflowing podcast. She has authored/coauthored a dozen books, all supporting the biblical worldview. These include Homeschooling High School and Stories of Danger and Courage (in Focus on the Family and Tyndale’s Bible Kidventures series).

Watch for Jeanne’s new illustrated book for children, Annabella’s Crown, coming in August 2021 from Elk Lake Publishing.

You can purchase Gene and Carol’s book using our affiliate link below, if you like.

737050: Staying Power: Building a Stronger Marriage When Life Sends Its Worst Staying Power: Building a Stronger Marriage When Life Sends Its Worst
By Carol & Gene Kent, Cindy & David Lambert / Revell

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