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Faith and Culture

We have divided our videos and blog posts into seven categories. The categories are:

Links to the interviews, videos, and blog posts related to Faith and Culture appear below.

Technology, Entertainment, Movies, Sports, Travel

Dr. Ted Baehr: Worthwhile Movie Viewing with Dr. Ted Baehr
Erin Bethea: Great Films Can Change Hearts – The Redemption of Henry Myers and Fireproof
Chad Bonham: Life on the Fairway, a Life of Integrity (Interviewed by Karen Whiting)
Ron Gafni and Kathleen Barrett: The Beauty of the Holy Land
Michelle Cox: When God Calls the Heart Devotions
Kevin Downes and Caleb Castille: Woodlawn: A Historic Story for Today’s America
Steve Cha: Hollywood: Mission Possible
Jeanne Dennis: The Song-Even the Wisest is a Fool for Love (Movie Review)
Jeanne Dennis: Left Behind: The End Begins (Movie Review)
Jeanne Dennis: America’s Monumental Heritage of Freedom (Monumental Movie Review)
Jeanne Dennis: Saving Christmas–Not Quite (Movie Review)
Jeanne Dennis: Beyond the Mask (Movie Review)
Jeanne Dennis: What Can We Learn from Churchill’s “Darkest Hour”?
Jeanne Dennis: Israel Visit Highlights for the Nation’s 70th Anniversary
Kevin Downes: Faith of Our Fathers Movie
Rick Eldridge: The Ultimate Life – Making a Difference for Christ in the Film Industry
Rick Eldridge: A Significant Life through Filmmaking – Short Takes
Sylvia Hart Frejd: The Digital Invasion and Using Technology Wisely
Ken Ham and Mark Looy: Ark Encounter Construction Site
Alex and Stephen Kendrick: More about War Room and God’s Amazing Provision
Daniel Lusko: Director of Persecuted Talks about Movie
Torry Martin: Comedian, Actor, and Writer
Arthur Rasco: Facing the Darkness of Ebola with Movie Director
Dr. Mark Sherwood: Living Healthy Lives for God’s Glory
Doug Smith: Screens Controlling Your Life? Find Out Why and Break Free
Kevin and Sam Sorbo: Can Believers Make a Difference in Hollywood? Let There Be Light
Victor Torres: Hope for Addictions and Life Problems

Social, Spiritual, and Cultural Issues

Kelsey Baker: A Sanctifying COVID-19 Experience (guest blog)
Kim de Blecourt: Until All Orphans Come Home
Dillon Burroughs and Charles Powell: Not in My Town – Human Trafficking
Craig von Buseck: Craig von Buseck Interviews Jeanne Dennis
Rachel Lee Carter: International Model Rachel Lee Carter on Modesty
Jeanne Dennis: Stolen Lives
Jeanne Dennis: Beauty that’s Heart Deep
Jeanne Dennis: Reach Out to an Orphan with the Love of God
Jeanne Dennis: True Freedom of Choice
Jeanne Dennis: Confessing to Plants – Will the Rocks Soon Cry Out?
Jeanne Dennis: Prostitution Under the Guise of Freedom
Jeanne Dennis: Quarantine Lifestyle: A Checklist
Jeanne Dennis: Craig von Buseck Interviews Jeanne Dennis about Heritage of Truth
Pat Ennis God’s Perfect Plan for Women
Pat Ennis: Practice Compassion During COVID-19 (guest blog)
Troy Evans: Gang Member Turned Pastor
Lisa Franklin: Alpha Omega Miracle Home for Unwed Moms and Homeless “Grandmas”
Tina Griffin: Hollywood, Electronics, and Teen Suicide- Short Takes
Max Lucado: You’ll Get Through This – Short Takes video
Kathi Macias: Persecution, How Fiction Changes Lives
Kathi Macias: Let My People Go! (guest blog)
Kathi Macias: Everything in God’s Strength
Dr. Carl Moeller: The Privilege of Persecution (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Susan Titus Osborn: Healing and Hope for Suicide Victims and Survivors (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Susan Titus Osborn and Jeenie Gordon: You Can Break the Chains of Domestic Abuse
Susan Titus Osborn: Hope for Suicide Victims and Survivors – Short Takes (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Bryan Osborne: How Can Christians Respond to Issues in a Culture that Rejects God? Two-Minute Answers
Star Parker: Welfare, Abortion, Urban CURE, Planned Parenthood, and Jesus
Dr. Everett Piper: College Is Not a Day Care
Rod Robison and Adrian Van Vactor: How Powerful Is the Devil? Unmasking the Masquerade
Eddie Anders: Suicide Causes and Prevention
Poppy Smith: Same-Sex Marriage, Now What? (guest blog)
Ginger Sanders: Disaster Relief: God Goes Before Us
Victor Torres: Drug-Free Through a Mother’s Faith
Victor Torres: Hope for Addictions and Life Problems
Nicki Corinne White: It’s Not About the Pie
Erica Wiggenhorn: The Value of Stuff

U.S. Culture

Craig von Buseck: Harry T. Burleigh: A Legacy Worth Remembering
Craig von Buseck: America and the Rebirth of Israel
Jacquelyn Butler: Decorating for the Poor: Extreme Makeovers of the Hood
Kay Camenisch, Dawn Stone, Lisa Franklin, Kim Ketola Remembering Roe v. Wade
Jeanne Dennis: The Believer’s Guide to Legal Issues (Book Review)
Jeanne Dennis: America’s Monumental Heritage of Freedom (Monumental Movie Review)
Jeanne Dennis: Who Rules, Now and in November?
Jeanne Dennis: A Message for Today’s Americans from an Ancient Prophet
Jeanne Dennis: America and Christians: Covenants with God
Jeanne Dennis: Miracles in American History (Book Review)
Jeanne Dennis: America: In God Do We Trust?
Jeanne Dennis: Prayer for the Nation
William J. Federer: Miracles in American History (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Marlene and Danielle Gallman:
African-American Worship Music: A Heritage Worth Preserving
Os Guinness:
America’s Fragile Freedom: A Free People’s Suicide
Charlene Quint Kalebic:
A Dad’s Legacy as a Veteran of World War 2
Erwin Lutzer:
Rescuing the Gospel, Luther, Hitler, & American Culture
Kathi Macias:
Stories of Our Heritage Told through Quilts
Kathy Maggart:
1947 Freedom Train and America’s Founding Documents
Edie Melson:
What Can I Do While My Soldier Serves?
Tony and Penny Monetti:
Called to Serve – Help for Military Families
Rabbi Aryeh Spero:
Protect America’s Judeo-Christian Heritage (Interviewed by Jeanne Dennis and Patty Webb)
Todd Starnes:
Religious Freedom Under Attack in America
Amber Weigand-Buckley:
Teen Magazine Editor on Faith, Culture, and Teens
Jeffrey Wick:
Public Education and American Ideals (Interviewed by Patty Webb)

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