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We have divided our videos and blog posts into seven categories. The categories are:

Links to the interviews, videos, and blog posts related to Relationships appear below.

Marriage, Divorce, and Dating

Steve Arterburn: Seven Minutes to a Better Marriage
Michelle Borquez: Divorce to Wholeness (interviewed by Angela Breidenbach)
Chuck and Kathie Crismier: Secrets to Lasting Marital Success
Deb DeArmond: Making True Love Last
Deb and Ron DeArmond: Don’t Go to Bed Angry: Stay Up and Fight
Jeanne Dennis: What Valentine’s Day Really Means
Sue Detweiler: Nine Traits of a Life-Giving Marriage
Bill and Pam Farrel: Short Takes: Couples Mentoring Couples
Pam Farrel: The Secret Language of Successful Couples
Gretchen Goldsmith: Why to Wait Until Marriage
Jeenie Gordon: You Can Break the Chains of Domestic Abuse (with Susan Titus Osborn)
Todd Hafer: Forever Love
Sharon Jaynes: Lovestruck in Marriage for Life
Carol Kent and Gene Kent: When Crisis Strikes a Good Marriage
Arlene Pellicane: You Can Make Your Tired Marriage Thrive Again
Sandy Ralya: Better Marriages through Mentoring (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Linda Rooks: Pain and Hope in Marital Separation
Poppy Smith: Marriage: Why Can’t He Be More Like Me?
Poppy Smith: Five Free Valentine Gifts He’ll Love (guest blog)
Paul David Tripp: Real Hope for Marriages

Love and Friendship

Donna Carter: True Friendship (interviewed by Sheryl Giesbrecht)
Dr. Gary Chapman: Expressing Love in Five Universal Languages
Jeanne Dennis: Don’t Wait to Forgive
Jeanne Dennis: Best Friends
Christin Ditchfield: The Power of a Woman’s Words
Bill and Pam Farrel: How to Be Love-Wise in Relationships
Amberly Neese: Finding a Way to Belong

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