How to Deal with Bullying

Is bullying a problem in your family? Do you have a child who is being bullied or a child who is a bully?

June Hunt, biblical counselor, author, speaker, and founder of Hope for the Heart, joins host Jeanne Dennis to talk about the problem of bullying.

Finding solutions is critical, because people are dying, many because they lose hope. June gives practical advice for parents, teachers, and other leaders to help the bullied, the bystanders, and the bullies themselves.

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  1. Thank you for your video and broadcast. I enjoy June Hunt’s materials and what she had to share! I saw on her Hope For The Heart website that she has a several related free download that are on the topics you mentioned in her books on Rejection, Self-Worth and Bullying.

    Here are the links I found that were the helpful downloads on what the Bible says about these important topics — that we as believers should know what God says about things, and know that we can be a whole person in Christ today.

    1. Thank you, Josh, for your comment and for supplying the links to June’s resources. She is truly a wealth of information. May the Lord bless you as you continue walking with Him!

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