Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution with June Hunt, Heritage of Truth,

The potential for conflict exists every time people come together: at home, at work, during holidays and special events, and so on.

Author and Hope for the Heart ministry director June Hunt retuns to Heritage of Truth today.

She explains to host Jeanne Dennis the different ways people create and handle conflict and what we can do to deal with it biblically. She discusses her book Conflict Resolution.

If you would like to purchase June’s book in e-book or other forms through our affiliate link, see below.

Conflict Resolution – eBook
By June Hunt

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Jeanne. Great interview with June Hunt on conflict Resolution. I saw that on her website that there was a free download on the same topic, that was really helpful to me: … Romans 14:19 is important to remember in these situations. As that page said, “At its heart, the Bible is about relationships … As you encounter discord, look to the Word to discover what God says about conflict. Ask Him for wisdom to accurately see other views, as well as the state of your own heart.”

    Have a wonderful day, Jeanne!

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