The Radio Signal: WWII from a German Christian’s Perspective

Friedhelm Radandt The Radio Signal, WWII from a German Christian's Perspective, Heritage of Truth,

The Radio Signal, WWII from a German Christian’s Perspective

with Friedhelm Radandt

Friedhelm Radandt is an unassuming author. His former titles include Professor at University of Chicago and Lake Forest College, President of Northwestern College in Iowa, President of The King’s College in Manhattan, and President of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

Radandt joins host Jeanne Dennis to discuss his riveting book The Radio Signal. It is a memoir telling the harrowing stories of two German Christian families, his and his wife’s, during World War II, one beginning in Poland, and the other in Germany.

Eric Metaxas, Michael Medved, and Dr. Erwin Lutzer are among the endorsers for this book.

Dr. Radandt talks about the importance of understanding the history of World War II today and he describes the faithfulness and struggles of German believers during that era.


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