Rescuing the Gospel, Luther, Hitler, & American Culture with Dr. Erwin Lutzer

Dr. Erwin Lutzer: Rescuing the Gospel, Luther, Hitler, and American Culture

Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Pastor Emeritus of Moody Church in Chicago, radio speaker, and author of several books, including Rescuing the Gospel: The Story and Significance of the Reformation and Hitler’s Cross, joins Heritage of Truth host Jeanne Dennis for this interview. October, 2017, marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Dr. Luther discusses how the Reformation changed history and also what kind of reformation the church needs today. Much of it relates to cultural changes that have occurred in recent years in America. These cultural changes compare closely with those imposed by Hitler in Germany. Lutzer talks about some of these changes and offers advice to parents about keeping their children grounded in the truth of the gospel and protecting them from influences that will harm them.

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