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We have divided our videos and blog posts into seven categories. The categories are:

Links to the interviews, videos, and blog posts related to Apologetics appear below.

How to Defend the Hope We Have in Christ

Pamela Christian: Examine Your Faith
Ray Comfort: Answering Life’s Tough Questions (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Jeanne Dennis: Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception (Movie Review)
Michael and Sarah Dowling: Apologetics through Children’s Fables
Billy Hallowell: An Urgent Call to Cultural Awareness – Short Takes
Ken Ham: Are Millennials Ready to Return to Biblical Faith?
Dr. Richard Land: Apologetics and America’s Future
Alex McFarland: Questions All Christians Must Answer (Interviewed by Jeanne Dennis and Patty Webb)
Alex McFarland: Abandoned Faith: Will Millennials Return?
Alex McFarland: Church, Culture, College, and Apologetics
Bryan Osborne: Equipped to Stand on God’s Word
Bryan Osborne: How Do Worldview Assumptions Affect Our Beliefs? Two-Minute Answers
Nancy Pearcey: Finding Truth in a Culture that Denies It
Lee and Leslie Strobel: The Case for Christ
Del Tackett: Biblical Worldview and Cultural Stewardship


Jeanne Dennis: What is Worldview? (Worldview Series)
Jeanne Dennis: Can We Trust the Bible? (Worldview Series)
Jeanne Dennis: Do You Worship a False God? (Worldview Series)
Jeanne Dennis: Do We Underestimate God? (Worldview Series)
Jeanne Dennis: 8 Views of God that Dishonor Him (Worldview Series)
Jeanne Dennis: What Is Sin? (Worldview Series)
Jeanne Dennis: Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection (Worldview Series)
Michael and Sarah Dowling: Apologetics through Children’s Fables
Bryan Osborne: How Do Worldview Assumptions Affect Our Beliefs? Two-Minute Answers

Creation, Science, History, and Evolution

Tim Chaffey: An Insider’s View of the Ark Encounter
Jeanne Dennis: Richard Dawkins and Me: Two Views of the Moon
Jeanne Dennis: Dawkins and Me, Revisited
Jeanne Dennis: Insects and a Tour of Live Animals at the Creation Museum
Randy Dockens: Creation, Science, and Science Fiction
Danny Faulkner: A Telescopic View of Creation’s Wonders with an Astronomer
Nathaniel Jeanson: Does Belief in Evolution Change Our View of God?
Nathaniel Jeanson: Isn’t It Time for Replacing Darwin?
Timothy Mahoney: Patterns of Evidence for the Exodus
Timothy Mahoney: Patterns of Evidence: Exodus – for Youth and Adults
Josh McDowell: God-Breathed: Amazing Evidence for the Accuracy of the Bible
David Menton: A Cellular Biologist Marvels at Creation
David Parsons: Noah, Darwin, Israel, and End-Times Prophecy
Georgia Purdom: Molecular Geneticist Dr. Georgia Purdom on Science and the Bible
Jay Schabacker: God’s Amazing Love Shown through Creation
Andrew Snelling: A Geologist Discusses Fossils, Rock Layers, Gems, and the Genesis Flood
Andrew Snelling: A Geologist Discusses Dating Methods
Kevin Sorbo: Against the Tide (movie with Professor John Lennox)
Del Tackett: Is Genesis History?
Wayne Talbot: The Dawkins Deficiency
Wayne Talbot: Can Evolution and Creation Both Be True? – Two-Minute Answers
Wayne Talbot: Dawkins and Unproven Evolution – Short Takes
J. Warner Wallace: God’s Crime Scene: Evidence for Creation
J. Warner Wallace: Is Christian Faith Based on Evidence?
Carl Wilson: From Natural Chance to Personal Creator (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Gordon Wilson: The Riot and the Dance of Creation
Ravi Zacharias: Suffering, Healing, Scripture, and Dawkins (press conference)

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