Bibles for the World with John Pudaite and Shane Houle

Bibles for the World with John Pudaite and Shane Houle, Heritage of Truth,

Bibles for the World president John Pudaite and Shane Houle join Heritage of Truth host Jeanne Dennis. John relates how one missionary’s faithfulness led to their ministry. Bibles for the World  has distributed Bibles in over 120 countries.

Shane explains the difference between reading and learning the Bible. He stresses the importance of helping new believers understand what they read in the Bible and introduces his book Learn the Bible in a Year.

John Pudaite’s father, Rochunga Pudaite, founded Bibles for the World. Rochunga accepted a difficult challenge as a boy. He left his mountain tribe in India to get an education so he could translate the Bible into the language of his people. His inspiring and fascinating story is recounted in the book and movie called Beyond the Next Mountain. You can purchase copies of these using our affiliate link if you like.
Beyond the Next Mountain

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