Personal Faith

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Personal Faith

We have divided our videos and blog posts into seven categories. The categories are:

Links to the interviews, videos, and blog posts related to personal faith in God appear below.

Relationship with God

Shelby Abbott: Faith Despite Doubt
Michelle Medlock Adams: Platinum Faith
Brad Antill: Lessons About God Learned from the Forest
David Beauchamp: Our Biggest Problem
David Beauchamp: The Good Shepherd and His Church
David Butts: Believers, It’s Time to Pray
Kay & Robert Camenisch: Blood Covenant and Our Relationship with God
Clay Crosse: Rededication In and Out of the Limelight
Jeanne Dennis: Is Jesus Enough?
Jeanne Dennis: He Gave His Only Begotten Son
Jeanne Dennis: Do You Worship a False God? (Worldview Series)
Jeanne Dennis: Do We Underestimate God? (Worldview Series)
Jeanne Dennis: 8 Views of God that Dishonor Him (Worldview Series)
Jeanne Dennis: What Is Sin? (Worldview Series)
Jeanne Dennis: Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection (Worldview Series)
Jeanne Dennis: The Final Authority on God (Worldview Series)
Jennie Afman Dimkoff and Carol Kent: Real Life Miracles
Kathryn Graves: Cleaning Our Closets and Our Hearts
Cheri Keaggy: No Longer My Own with Cheri Keaggy
Ginger Kolbaba: Living In God’s Will
Sarah Kovac: In God’s Capable Arms Without the Use of Arms (Interviewed by Sharon Norris Elliott)
David Liscum: On Worship: Into the Great Unknown
Betty Levesque: Praying Through the Psalms
Lisa Martin: Chasing Fire: Encountering the Divine
Babbie Mason: God’s Amazing Love for Us
Babbie Mason: Leaning Into Our Wonderful God
Edie Melson: Soul Care When You’re Weary
Jay Payleitner: A Birthday Card from God to You
Eva Kroon Pike: All About You – Short Takes
Don & Eva Piper: Heaven Is Real: Are You Ready?
Kathy Collard Miller: Our Adoption Assures Us (guest blog)
Rod Robison & Adrian Van Vactor: Giving the Devil More Credit than He Deserves – Short Takes
Laurie Russell: I Love Him, I Love Him Not (Interviewed by Sharon Norris Elliott)
Linda Evans Shepherd: Called to Pray: Astounding Stories of Answered Prayer
Vonda Skelton: God’s Work in Our Lives
Kendra Smiley: In Christ We Can Live Free (Interviewed by Angela Breidenbach)
Dave Wernli: Mixed Emotions in Our Experience with God
Don Willett: The Path to Authentic Spiritual Growth
Jonathan Williams: Victory Over Sin

Faith in Time of Trouble

Steve Arterburn: Six Ways for Men to Thrive in Midlife
David Beauchamp with footage from Michael Catt: Where Is God When Bad Things Happen?
Anita Brooks: Getting Through What You Can’t Get Over
Anita Brooks and Paul Perkins: Transplants, Near Death, Miracles, and Never Giving Up
Cindy Bultema: Overcoming through Jesus’ Love (Interviewed by Rhonda Rhea)
Jeanne Dennis: Religious Persecution Quiz
Janet Perez Eckles: Despite Tragedy, Life with God is a Fiesta
Kayla Fioravanti: 360 Degrees of Grief
Sheryl Giesbrecht: Get Back Up When Life Knocks You Down
Beth Guckenberger: Short Takes: Relentless Hope for Orphans
Karen Jordan: Do You Worry? Suffer Anxiety? Words that Change Everything
Carol Kent: God’s Faithfulness in Pain
Gene and Carol Kent: Receiving Help in Crisis
Gene and Carol Kent: Serving While Suffering
Kim Ketola: Finding God’s Love After Abortion (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Max Lucado: You’ll Get Through This – with God
Timothy Mahoney: What Do You Do with a Crisis of Faith?
Nancy McGargle: Healing from Trauma and Grief
Heidi McLaughlin: Turning Trouble from Sand to Pearls
John Morgan: Does Fear Keep You Paralyzed?
Cec Murphey: Making Sense When Life Doesn’t
Cec Murphey: I Believe in Healing and Heaven
Yvonne Ortega: Praising God in the Midst of Pain
Dr. Charles Page: Courage for the Sick and Suffering
Rosemary Pope: Finding Joy after Pregnancy Losses
Mishael Porembski & Ron Wean: How to Handle Grief? How to 180 Your Life
Mike Rakes: Slings and Stones: Confidently Facing Our Fears
Brian Sanders: Find Courage Not to Quit for Parents and Leaders
Laurel Shaler: Reclaiming Sanity When Life Overwhelms You
Linda Evans Shepherd: Surviving in Difficult Times (guest video blog)
Linda Evans Shepherd: When You Need a Miracle
Laura Story: Blessings in the Midst of Trouble (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Evelyn Johnson Taylor: Can We Have True Joy in Pain?
Susan VandePol: Widowhood: Life After Breath
Karen Whiting: Stories of Faith and Courage on the Home Front (Interviewed by Sheryl Giesbrecht)

God’s Plan for Your Life

Eddie Anders: The Joy of Letting God Direct
Dianne Barker: A Journey of Faith (Interviewed by Angela Breidenbach)
David and Jason Benham: Biblical Worldview and the Miracle in Shreveport (with Jason Benham)
Nancy Parker Brummett: Aging Well with the Hope of Glory (guest blog post)
Cynthia Cavanaugh: Freedom to Live Authentically
Christin Ditchfield: Women Living Fearlessly (retreat talk)
Valerie Ellery: Equipping the Warrior Woman (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Sharon Norris Elliott: God’s Full Armor for Women
Brenda Garrison: Princess Unaware: Finding the Fabulous in Every Day (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Jay and Beth Loecken: Passionate Faith in Action
Zelma Loeske: Is It Enough to Count Our Blessings? Zelma’s Farm
Victor Marx: Going Wherever God Leads
Carol McLeod: Living the Joyful Life God Made You For
Carol McLeod: Joy for All Seasons
Shirley Mitchell & Cruiser Small: Living Purposefully after 50, 60, or 70
Gail Nordskog: Develop a Heart of Purpose
Jay Payleitner: What If God Wrote Your Bucket List?
Kerri Pomarolli: Be You Where You Are and Meet God There
Jesse Pruett: Be Who You Are in Christ
Rhonda Rhea: Expresso Your Faith
Dave Richardson: Transparent: Seeing through Assumptions that Control Us
Jerry Rose: Significant Living at Every Stage of Life
Dee Ann Turner: Find Your Purpose in Work and Family – Short Takes
Elizabeth Van Liere: Dare to Live for God at Any Age
John Waller: John Waller We Will Serve the Lord – Short Takes
James E. Ward Jr.: Know Jesus, Never a Victim
Thelma Wells “Mama T”: In These Times, What Time Is It for You?
Tama Westman: Personalities Perspectives (interviewed by Angela Breidenbach)
Tina Yeager: Your Value and Purpose
Zoro: Soar into God’s Best for You

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