Heaven is Real- Are You Ready?

Don Piper and his wife Eva Piper join Jeanne Dennis to discuss the reality of heaven and the hope God offers to all through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Don Piper is the author of the bestselling book 90 Minutes in Heaven, co-written with Cec Murphey, who has been a frequent guest on Heritage of Truth.

The book tells the story of Don’s fatal accident and how he miraculously came back to life in answer to prayer – one and one-half hours after being pronounced dead. The book also documents Don’s years of painful recovery, both physically and emotionally.

On September 11, 2015, a new movie about the Piper’s experiences released in theaters. Like the book, it is called 90 Minutes in Heaven. It documents not only the accident, but also all that Don and Eva experienced during the time that followed the accident and how the family of God supported the Piper family.

Don also explains why the movie was made and what they hope it will do for viewers and for the charitable organization that will receive all the proceeds from the film.

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