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Children, Teens, & Faith

Children Teens & Faith

We have divided our videos and blog posts into seven categories. The categories are:

Links to the interviews, videos, and blog posts related to Children, Teens, and Faith appear below.

Training Older Children and Youth in Faith

Janelle Alberts: Honest Faith Answers for Tweens
Kay Arthur: The Bible, Grief, and Training Children in Faith
Crystal Bowman: Our Daily Bread Devotional for Kids
Crystal Bowman: Short Takes Our Daily Bread for Kids
Cynthia Cavanaugh, Linda Goldfarb, and Jeanne Dennis: Are Relationships Key to Keeping Children in the Faith?
Terrence Chatmon: Do Your Children Believe? How to Be Intentional about Faith Legacy
Jeanne Dennis: Help Children Focus on What’s Most Important
Jeanne Dennis: Train Children through Sermons
Jeanne Dennis: Three Ways to Teach Biblical Worldview at Home
Jeanne Dennis: St. Patrick Learned to Share the Gospel. You Can Too with “Gospel ABCs”
Trace Embry: Restoring Teens’ Lives through Nature and Nurture
Eva Marie and Jessica Everson: Reaching Teens and Reflections of God’s Holy Land
Ingrid Faro: Honest Faith Answers for Tweens
Pam Farrel: Helping Kids Stay Pure in Body, Soul, and Spirit
Jesse Florea: Training Children in Faith and A Trip to Jordan
Caleb Jones: Guiding Youth to Faith
Camryn and Erin Kelly: Friendship with Peers, Parents, and God
Benton Hall: Pointing Youth to the Heavenly Father
Tessa Emily Hall: Embrace Your Uniqueness
Alex and Stephen Kendrick: Short Takes: Mentoring Children and Young Filmmakers
Erwin Lutzer: Two-minute answer: Preparing Children for Cultural Pressures
Stephanie Perry Moore: Fiction for Kids Dealing with Real-Life Issues (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Nicole O’Dell: Short Takes: Preparing Teens and Pre-Teens for Hot Button Issues
Jungu Olobia: Considering Others Is Good Manners
Annie Pajcic: Creating Art Through God’s Word
Yancy: The Power of Music to Help Children Connect with God


Lanny Cook: Public Education (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Jeanne Dennis: IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity (Book Review)
Colin Gunn: God’s Design for Teaching Children
Marianne Hering: Encouraging Kids to Read

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