Teach Young Children to Love Jesus and Others

Teaching Young Children to Love Jesus and Others with Lee Ann Mancini

You can teach young children to love Jesus and others. Children’s author and Bible professor Lee Ann Mancini returns to Heritage of Truth to discuss her newest books, including an Easter book, for young children.

Lee Ann and host Jeanne Dennis explore how children learn concepts like compassion for others and trusting and loving Jesus from an early age.

They also discuss why using anthropomorphism with animal characters in stories can help children with problems not to feel singled out because of their own backgrounds, ethnicities, or cultures.

Lee Ann is the author of the Adventures of the Sea Kids series of picture books. You can buy all of Lee Ann’s beautiful children’s books through our affiliate link below.

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Watch Lee Ann’s first interview with us here. To find links for all Heritage of Truth interviews and blog posts, go to TV and Blog by Topic or TV and Blog by Guest/Author.

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