God’s Word

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God’s Word

We have divided our videos and blog posts into seven categories. The categories are:

Links to the interviews, videos, and blog posts related to God’s Word appear below.

Bible Contents, History, Evangelism

Joe Amaral: The Jewish Roots of Christian Faith (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Joe Battaglia: The Politically Incorrect Jesus
Michael Card: The Unique Aspects of the Four Gospels
Peggy Consolver: The Mysterious Gibeonites and Joshua
Jeanne Dennis: Can We Trust the Bible? (Worldview Series)
Jeanne Dennis: Do You Worship a False God? (Worldview Series)
Jeanne Dennis: Did God Write in Code? (Worldview Series)
Jeanne Dennis: The Final Authority on God (Worldview Series)
Kevin Foster: The Gospel According to Ruth
George Guthrie: Read the Bible for Life
Caleb Jones: Share the Gospel through Story
Wayne Summers: All the Commands of Jesus (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
David Teems: The Majesty of the King James Bible, and the King Behind It
David Teems: Tyndale, the Man Who Gave God an English Voice
David Teems: Speak to Me – With God’s Words

Bible Studies and Devotionals

Wendy Blight: Living So That We Become What God Wants Us To Be
Wendy Blight: How Can We Read God’s Word with Expectant Hearts? – Two-Minute Answers
Sarah Bragg: Finding Our Worth in God’s Word (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Deborah Buckingham: Nourishments for the Soul
Edna Ellison: Friends, Joy, and Philippians
Pam Farrel: Discover Joy and Hope through Bible Study
Kathy Howard: Unshakeable Faith (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Kathy Howard: Embraced by Holiness
Jenifer Jernigan: Dive Deeper in Your Faith through Ephesians
Becky Harling: Who Do You Believe Jesus to Be?
Bob Hostetler: The Bard and the Bible
Kelley Latta: Will Your Work for Christ Survive? Tested by Fire
Kathi Lipp: Praying God’s Word for Life (Interviewed by Karen Whiting)
Betty Levesque: Praying Through the Psalms
Ava Pennington: Knowing God through His Names and Attributes
Diane Stortz: Encounter God’s Heart in His Word
Mary Tatem: Learning about God and His Word through Quilting (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Janet Thompson: Bible Women (Interviewed by Patty Webb)
Erica Wiggenhorn Know the Unexplainable Jesus

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