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Truth Jr. is the part of our website with activities, stories, and other resources to help you encourage your children to:

– Discover the wonders of God our Creator
– Engage in God’s Word through Bible activities and faith-based stories
– Understand and live out biblical faith
– Have fun doing it!


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If your child does not know Jesus as Lord and Savior yet, see “How to Know God” here.

Girl picking flowers - Genes, the oldest writing in the world
Genes, the Oldest “Writing” in the World


Articles for Children

“Animal Tracks: The Second-Oldest Writing in the World” by Sonia Randall
“Can a Cat and a Rat Work Together?” By Muriel Larson
“Talking in Psalms” by D. M. Flynn
“The Dragons of Summer” by Jill Edwards Steeley
“Genes, the Oldest “Writing” in the World, Part 1” by Jeanne Gowen Dennis
“Genes, the Oldest Writing in the World, Part 2” By Jeanne Dennis
“What Teddy Learned about Forest Fires” by Jeanne Gowen Dennis
“Isobel Stomped, an Article about Sheep” by BL Wiedenbeck



picking flowers


Devotionals for Children

“Faith: A Devotional” by Reverend Kimberly Dreiman



Birds at feeder - The Empty Birdfeeder
Jonathon always kept the feeder full.


Stories for Children

“A Crows-Foot Christmas” by Kathleen Bracher
“A Loser?” by Nancy Ellen Hird
“A Time for Everything” by Ruth O’Neil
“Are you sleeping God?” By Julia Bernstein (deals with death)
“Asking God” By Elaine L. Schulte
“Babbling Builders” (The reader directs this story based on Genesis 11:1-9.) By Jeanne Dennis and Sheila Seifert
“Daniel Colton Under Fire” by Elaine L. Schulte
“Saved from the Fire” by Jeanne Gowen Dennis
“Scripture Cake Story” by Ruth O’Neil
“The Empty Birdfeeder” By Theresa Wyatt
“The New Student” By Annie Laura Smith


children on beach


Activities for Children

“1 John 4:7 Word Search” by Katrina Hill
“A Recipe for the Biggest Bubbles Ever” by Lee Hill-Nelson
“Bible Animal Safari Game” By Jeanne Gowen Dennis
“Bible Creature Puzzle” By Sonia A. Randall
“Bible M and M’s Puzzle” By Enelle Eder
“Bible People Who Prayed” by Sherry Jones Rivers
“Bible Story Playhouse” By Eileen Rife
“Christian Freedom Puzzle” By D. M. Flynn
“Creation Caretaker ABCs” By Karen Whiting
“Creation Quiz” by Katrina L. Cassel
“Discover God’s Blessings” by Jeanne Gowen Dennis
“Fruit of the Spirit Word Search” By Christine St. Jacques
“Go Figure! A Bible Math Puzzle” by D. M. Flynn
“Make Your Own Bug Book” by Marion Turnbull
“Make Your Own Journal or Gift Book” by Sheila Seifert
“Mall Sightings: Looking for Christmas Symbols While You Shop” By Karen Whiting
“Where Do These Animals Belong?” By Sonia Randall
“Who Will Repay? Anger Bible Puzzle” by D. M. Flynn
“Winter Boredom Busters” By Katrina Cassel
“Write Your Own Story” By Jeanne Gowen Dennis
“X Marks the Spot for Buried Treasure” by Jeanne Gowen Dennis





Poetry for Children

“If There Were No God” by Joy O’Keefe
“What Gift?” By Guy Bellaranti
“Rainforest” by Jessica King, age 9


Making Sandwiches Special


Recipes for Children

“Bread Crust Cinnamon Rolls” By Jeanne Gowen Dennis
“How to Make Scripture Cake” by Ruth O’Neil
“Making Sandwiches Special” by Jeanne Gowen Dennis