Getting Your Bible Z’s Puzzle

Getting Your Bible Z's puzzle by Enelle Eder, View of Jerusalem


By Enelle Eder

Here is a fun way to get a few “Z’s” while reading your Bible. Fill in as many blanks as you can without help. Then if you need to, use the Scripture reference given to find the rest.

  1.  Z________________ He was a little man.  (Luke 19:5)
 Z_____________  The father of James and John.  (Matthew 10:2)
  3. Z_______  The city of David.  (1 Kings 8:1)
  4. Z________________  John the Baptist’s father. (Luke 1:67)
  5. Z________ Great eagerness!  (Psalm 119:139)
  6. Z________________  Wife of Moses. (Exodus 2:21)
  7. Z______________ An Old Testament book.
  8. Z____________  A desert.  (Numbers 20:1)
  9. Z______________  He was a lawyer.  (Titus 3:13)
  10. Z________________ The city where Elijah went to be fed by the widow woman. (1Kings 17:9)

You can check your answers at the bottom of this page.

Getting Your Bible Z's Puzzle by Enelle Eder, sycamore tree
Sycamore Tree


  1. Zacchaeus
  2. Zebedee
  3. Zion
  4. Zechariah
  5. zeal
  6. Zipporah
  7. Zephaniah
  8. Zin
  9. Zenas
  10. Zarephath

© 2006 Enelle Eder

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