Making Sandwiches Special

Making Sandwiches SpecialMaking Sandwiches Special

by Jeanne Gowen Dennis

Here are some fun ways to make an ordinary sandwich a lot more fun. Always remember to wash your hands well with soap and water before you handle food or cooking and eating utensils.

  • Use a cookie cutter to cut fun shapes out of bread. Cut two of each shape for one sandwich. Then put your favorite sandwich fillings between the slices of bread.
  • Use different types of bread for your sandwiches. You might use a slice of white and a slice of whole wheat, for example. Or make a sandwich out of a leftover croissant or dinner roll.
  • Roll your sandwich filling into a tortilla. Spread mayonnaise, mustard, catsup, or other toppings on the tortilla before you roll or fold it.
  • Use half a pita to make yourself a sandwich pocket. Then fill it with your favorite leftover vegetables, meats, or even a salad.
  • Use large leaves of Romaine lettuce instead of bread to hold your sandwich fillings. Roll or fold the leaves around the filling so that nothing falls out.
  • If a parent has leftover dough from making pies, ask if you can have a pastry sandwich made from the leftover dough. Take the rolled out dough and place some cooked meat and vegetables on half of it. Then fold the unfilled dough over the filled part and crimp the edges. Have your parent bake your pastry sandwich until the crust is done. Then enjoy your warm sandwich.

Click here for a recipe for a fun way to use leftover crusts of bread.