No More Angry Mom & God’s Character

No More Angry Mom & God's CharacterKathy Collard Miller, Heritage of Truth,

No More Angry Mom & God’s Character

Kathy Collard Miller was an angry mom, abusing her two-year-old daughter. But she was taking out on her daughter her anger with her husband.

Now years later, Kathy understands God’s character and trusts Him. She shares in this interview three of her books.

No More Angry Moms offers help for other angry moms and women struggling in marriage.

Heart Wisdom is a Bible study of the book of Proverbs.

Her upcoming book, 100 Questions God and Jesus Ask in the Bible, helps readers understand God better.

Kathy talks about her childhood and how it can still affect her adult life.

She also discusses with Heritage of Truth host Jeanne Dennis the character of God. He is trustworthy. He loves us. And we can depend on Him.

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Books by Kathy Collard Miller

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