Lifemark Movie and the Beauty of Adoption with Stephen Kendrick

Defend the Weak and the Fatherless Psalm 82:3 NIV, Lifemark

Lifemark and the Beauty of Adoption

Stephen Kendrick, movie producer and adoptive father, joins Jeanne Dennis to discuss the Kendrick Brothers new movie Lifemark and the beauty of adoption. Jeanne also has a history with adoption as an adoptive grandmother and aunt.

Lifemark premieres on September 9, 2022 in theaters. Visit for more information.

Show Me the Father

After this interview, I ordered the documentary Stephen mentioned, Show Me the Father. I watched it tonight, and it is one of the most powerful movies I’ve ever seen. In it, Stephen tells the whole story of his daughter’s adoption. That account and so many other true stories included in this documentary will amaze you again and again at God’s love, sovereignty, and faithfulness. I highly recommend this movie, especially for fathers. See the link below if you would like to purchase it.

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