Special Message from Jeanne Dennis

Steve Dennis, Heritage of Truth

Special Message from Jeanne Dennis

It is with extreme sadness that I announce the passing last fall of my wonderful husband and partner in ministry, Steve Dennis. Steve worked behind the scenes as our cameraman, sound man, guest greeter, and my biggest encourager. He was also the sole financial supporter of this ministry.

Until now, I have not been able to write this message. Losing my spouse of almost 45 years has been the most painful and difficult experience of my life. As my friend and fellow author Sandra P. Aldrich says, losing a spouse is “like an amputation. It will always be an amputation, but it doesn’t always have to bleed.”

With the help of the Lord Jesus, who binds up our wounds, my amputation is no longer bleeding, at least not as much as before.

Thank you for being our viewers and for your patience as I navigate this new journey of ministry without my other half.

If you have experienced the loss of a spouse or other loved one, I have included some links below for books that might be helpful.

Resources for Those Who Have Lost a Spouse or Other Loved One

Will I Ever Be Whole Again by Sandra P. Aldrich

A Widow’s Journey by Gayle Roper

Divine Disruption: Holding on to Faith When Life Breaks Your Heart by Dr. Tony Evans and family

Good Grief: A Companion for Every Loss by Granger E. Westberg

Soul Care When You’re Grieving by Edie Melson

Keeping Hope Alive: Devotions for Strength in the Storm by Grace Fox

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