Our View of God & Evolution

How Evolution Changes Our View of God with Nathaniel Jeanson - Short Takes

Our view of God changes with belief in evolution. In this excerpt from an earlier interview, Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson discusses how a person’s concept of God can be altered by evolutionary indoctrination, which starts as young as toddlerhood. This change in a person’s view of God has proved true even for Christians.

Dr. Jeanson also discusses how to prepare children and teens to keep and defend a biblical worldview in all areas of life, education, and culture.

You can watch our interview with Dr. Jeanson called Isn’t It Time for Replacing Darwin? here as we discuss his book Replacing Darwin.

The Answers books Dr. Jeanson refers to, as well as other resources from Answers in Genesis can be found on the Answers in Genesis website store.

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