Can’t-Wait Willow – Review


Can’t Wait Willow Children’s Book Review

by Jeanne Gowen Dennis

Christy Ziglar, a guest on Heritage of Truth TV, shared insights on the show about teaching children good choices. Her first picture book, Can’t-Wait Willow, released in April. It tells about a little girl who has money to attend the circus but spends it all on other things. This hardback book from Ideals Children’s Books has a glittery dust cover and wonderful illustrations.

In this tale for young children about making good choices, Willow, who looks no older than seven, heads through town alone. No parent accompanies her as she walks to the circus. There she talks to three strangers, two carnival barkers and the circus master. Although we wish our children could tour their towns and cities alone safely, in this day and age, wise parents teach their children not to wander off alone and not to talk to strangers. Parents who use this book might want to reinforce their training in these areas.

Through her poor spending choices one day and wise choices the next, Willow learns the value of delayed gratification—an important lesson for children to learn. However, as a friend of mine pointed out, she runs out of money on the first day, so the reader is left wondering where she gets money for the second day.

Although the plot of the book is fun, Willow doesn’t solve her own problem. In this story, the circus master solves her problem as he gives Willow a second chance and some good advice. She applies his advice the next day with better results. In a day when children rarely have to suffer the consequences of their own actions, this story reinforces the idea that someone will come in and fix whatever problems they have. Children build character when they have to deal with the trouble they cause, and I’d like to see more stories that encourage this kind of perseverance. On the other hand, the circus master’s kindness does provide an opportunity to teach children about God’s grace.

I see great potential in this series by Christy Ziglar for helping parents teach children valuable lessons in a fun way. However, parents need to consider how they will deal with the issues I mentioned before they share the book with their young children.

Christy was a great guest, and I hope you will enjoy her interview.

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