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Movie Review: Times of Fire, Times of Deception

The 7 Churches of Revelation is a two-movie series that covers all the letters to the churches of Revelation that Jesus dictated to the apostle John. The first movie, Times of Fire, covers the island of Patmos as well as the first three churches mentioned in revelation: Ephesus, Smyrna, and Pergamum. The second movie, Times of Deception, covers the remaining four churches: Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea.

Format and Content

A Frenchman named Christophe Hanauer traveled to Turkey to investigate the seven churches of Revelation. Tim Mahoney of Patterns of Evidence and Thinking Man Films handles the English version of these films. The movies’ style is in the same format as other Thinking Man Films. Christophe considers questions and then seeks answers through discussions with experts and visits to historical sites, taking the viewers along.

One notable scene shows Christophe in Patmos visiting “the oldest and one of the most extensive libraries dedicated to the Byzantine period.” The library is located in the depths of the Monastery of St. John. This cavernous room contains thousands of priceless books. Among them Christophe sees the “oldest known copy of the Gospel of Mark,” an early illuminated manuscript.

Recommended with Two Cautions

For people who enjoy history and archaeology, even if they are not believers, these movies are a visual feast. However, both those sensitive to nudity, decadence, and violence depicted in art, and parents considering taking their children, need to use caution. Several scenes feature ancient art. Numerous pieces of this artwork and statuary depict nudity and debauchery, which is not surprising for pagan cultures. Also, in the second movie an American church that embraces questionable theology is briefly featured in a section on revival. This is a regrettable inclusion which Heritage of Truth does not endorse.

Other than those two cautions, these movies are worth seeing for the history, beautiful cinematography, archaeology, and insight into the early church. These churches faced social exclusion, persecution, and often death as they lived for Jesus Christ within pagan culture. For thinkers and believers, seeing these movies should inspire contemplation, discussion, and prayer to discern what Jesus’ letters to the 7 churches of Revelation might have to say to the church and to individual believers today.

Times of Fire will be in theaters March 10–11, 2024, and Times of Deception will be in theaters on March 17–18, 2024. A panel discussion follows the films. Go to https://7churches.com for more information and tickets.

Watch my interview with Tim Mahoney to hear what he had to say about the importance of these films to today’s church.

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