Write Your Own Story

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Write Your Own Story

By Jeanne Gowen Dennis

Do you like making up stories? So do I. That’s why I write books. Some of the children’s books I write with my friend Sheila Seifert let you make choices while you are reading the stories. A choice may lead you in a different direction, or it may end the story.

I thought you might like to write some endings for stories, too. I have included the beginning of a story below. You can make the story as long or as short as you like. I have included some things at the end to help you think about what direction you want to take your story.

Story Starter:

Kendall and Leah rushed toward home. Uncle Barry, their favorite relative, was due at their house any minute now.

“Do you think he brought it this time?” Leah asked, slowing her steps.

“He might have. Why? Are you afraid?”

“A little.” Leah stopped as their house came into view. She leaned against a tree and shuffled her foot.

Kendall pulled her arm. “Come on, silly. What’s there to be scared of?”

Uncle Barry waved to them from the front porch. His booming voice shouted for them to hurry. The children ran into his arms.

As Leah enjoyed her uncle’s bear hug, she noticed a large box behind him. Oh my, she thought. He brought it.

Now You Finish It

Now it’s your turn to write. Continue the story from this point. Some things to think about:

What could be in the box?
Why is Leah nervous about it?
Why doesn’t Kendall seem worried?
Why did Uncle Barry come to visit?
What will he do with whatever is in the box?
Why is he the children’s favorite uncle?
What fun things does he do with the children?
What does Uncle Barry do for a living?
Is anyone else afraid of what’s in the box?

Use your imagination and I’m sure you’ll come up with lots of great ideas. If you have more than one idea, you may write as many different stories as you like. HAVE FUN WRITING! And don’t forget to give your story a title.

If your parents give permission, you can have them send your story to us, and we will print it here. They can use our contact page.

© 2004 Jeanne Gowen Dennis

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