Winter Boredom Busters

boy making snow angel

Winter Boredom Busters

By Katrina Cassel

Do the winter blues have you down? Here’s a whole alphabet of ideas!


Make snow angels. Lie on your back in the snow. Move your arms and legs to create an angel. Try to get up without leaving footprints on your angel. Those of you who don’t have snow can build a snowman using large marshmallows and toothpicks.


Bake cookies. Fix up plates of cookies for church shut-ins or those in nursing homes.


Create your own greeting cards. Use construction paper, glitter, markers, and whatever else you need to make cards for your family and friends.


Dress up. Borrow some of your parents’ old clothes and dress up in them.


Exercise. You need to exercise for thirty minutes three times a week to keep fit.


Family fun. Play each family member’s favorite game. Pop some corn (see popcorn idea below).


Go for a walk. This is a good exercise that you can do year round.


Help a neighbor. Offer to do a chore for an elderly neighbor.


Ice cream. Have a family ice cream night. See who can think of the most unusual, yummy ice cream topping.


Jump rope. This is great exercise.


Kin. Kin is another word for relatives. Write down stories and facts about your family.


Learn a new Bible verse. Choose one Bible verse and memorize it.


Make supper for your family. Plan an easy menu for your family. Set the table, cook the food, and serve it yourself. Ask a parent for permission and help with cutting or using the stove and oven.


Nature walk. Take a walk and keep a list of all the things you see that God created, or choose one color and see how many things of that color you can find.


Organize your room. Arrange your books, clothes and other things in neat piles or have a separate box for each thing.


Pop some popcorn. Place a large bedsheet on the floor. Place the popper in the middle without the lid. Watch the popcorn fly out. See how far the farthest piece flies. After it’s done, gather it up and eat it.


Quilt or blanket tent. Put a quilt or blanket over a card table or chairs to make a tent. Take a book inside and read with a flashlight. Take snacks.


Read a mystery or adventure story for fun. Record one on tape for your brother or sister.


Sleep in the living room. Arrange with your parents for you and your brothers or sisters to have a campout in the living room on a Friday night.


Toss beanbags into a laundry basket. How far away can you stand and still get them in?


Use spare time. Do you ever have extra time in the car or waiting at the doctor’s or dentist’s? Use it to write a letter, read a magazine, or start a journal to record the best thing that happens each day.


Vocabulary. Learn one new word each week and use it all week.


Write a newsy letter. In your neatest writing or on your computer, write a letter about the best things your family has done in the last year. Make copies and send them to your other relatives.


X-tra. Do an extra job for your parents.


Yummy! Fix a favorite dessert such as brownies with ice cream, or chocolate pudding with sprinkles.


Zip through this list and add some ideas of your own!

©  Katrina Cassel

Katrina Cassel, M.Ed., lives with her husband, five of their children, and an assortment of pets in the Florida panhandle.

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