The Band Concert

Trumpet and hands of player

The Band Concert

By Margaret Shauers

Six-year-old John sat between Mother and Daddy in the front row of the seats in the school yard.

“Will Michael’s band concert start soon?” he asked. “Will Michael play the pretty songs he has been playing on his trumpet at home?”

“Yes, to both of your questions,” Mother said with a laugh. Then, as John wiggled and jumped in his seat, she said, “Settle down, John. We are all excited, because this is Michael’s first band concert. But we must sit still. The people behind us want to see too.”

John sat very still. Soon, many children came out of the junior high school building carrying horns and drums.

“There’s Michael,” John told Mother and Daddy. “Michael makes beautiful music on his trumpet. My teacher at Sunday school said that singing and playing music is a good way to worship God. Is Michael worshiping God with his music today?”

“Christians worship God every day, in many ways,” Daddy told John in a quiet voice. “We can worship God in everything we do. But your Sunday school teacher is right.  Making music is an especially good way of showing our love for the Lord.”

The junior high boys and girls sat down and got ready to play. Mother put her finger to her lips. John remembered the people behind him. He did not talk again.

The band teacher came out. “I am proud of our band this year,” he said. “We have many fine young musicians. Today, they would like to play some of their songs for you.”

He turned toward the band and waved a little wand. The band began to play. John clapped and clapped after every song. On the last song, everyone in the audience sang “America” to the band’s music. John only knew some of the words, but he sang along whenever he knew them.

“Michael’s trumpet music sounded good at home,” John told Mother and Daddy when they went to find Michael after his concert. “But the music sounded even better with the whole band playing it.”

John smiled. “I can’t wait until I am old enough to play a trumpet. I will play in the school band. Then I can praise God with beautiful music, too.”


© 2006 Margaret Shauers

Margaret Shauers is a freelance writer from Great Bend, Kansas.

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