Bible Animal Safari


Bible Animal Safari Game

By Jeanne Gowen Dennis

You are going on a safari to discover many of the animals God created. You will have to search for the animals, just as hunters used to search in the jungle. Only in this case, you are searching the Bible. Afterwards, you will play a fun game with the animal names you find.

Find Animals in the Bible

First, see how many animal names you can find in the Bible. You may use a concordance or online software to find the verses. (One good site is

When you have a list of animals, gather some friends. (Or better yet, search the Bible with your friends first.)

Next, take a pile of sticky notes or index cards and have everyone write the names of the animals you found in the Bible on the cards or notes. Put one animal name on each card or note. Have someone who is not playing the game, such as a parent, mix up the cards and tape one on the back of each person playing.

Each player has to guess what animal name is on his or her back by asking questions.

Ask Questions to Discover the Animal

Here are some questions you might ask:

  • Can my animal fly?
  • Does my animal live in water?lizard
  • Does my animal eat meat?
  • What color is my animal?
  • Does my animal chew its cud?
  • Does my animal have long ears?
  • Does my animal have a trunk?
  • Is my animal tame or wild?
  • Does my animal live in Africa?
  • Does my animal live on a farm?
  • Does my animal sting?
  • Is my animal smaller than a mouse?
  • Does my animal have a long neck?
Is my animal a fast runner?
  • Is my animal’s tail flat?
  • Does my animal eat mice?
  • Does my animal eat flies?
Does my animal eat grass?
  • Is my animal extinct?

There is no winner for this game. Everyone keeps asking and answering questions until all the players have guessed their animals. You will want to play this game again and again. As you do, think about how wonderful God must be to have created all those different animals.

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