Creation Quiz

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Creation Quiz

by Katrina L. Cassel

How much do you know about creation? Try the quiz below and find out. All the questions are taken from Genesis chapters 1-2.

1. The first thing God created was:
a. Light
b. Animals
c. The heavens and the earth.

2. God made the sky on this day of creation.
a. First
b. Second
c. Fifth

3. God made light and darkness on this day of creation.
a. First
b. Second
c. Fifth

4. The lesser light to rule the night is called:
a. Sun
b. Moon
c. Stars

5. God made the sun, moon, and stars on this day of creation.
a. Second
b. Third
c. Fourth

6. In whose image did God create man?
a. His own
b. Adam’s
c. Eve’s

7. Everything God made was what?
a. Okay
b. Good
c. Done

8. God created a beautiful garden called:
a. Gethsemane
b. Calvary
c. Eden

9. God did this on the seventh day:
a. Created animals
b. Created man
c. Rested

10. God made Eve out of this.
a. Dust
b. Adam’s rib
c. Fig leaves

How did you do? (You can check your answers below.)
8-10 correct -You are creation smart
4-7 correct- You have the idea but need to brush up on the details
3 or less correct – Reread Genesis chapters 1-2 and try again!

© 2006 Katrina Cassel

Katrina Cassel, M.Ed., is the author of several books and lives with her husband, five of their children, and an assortment of pets in the Florida panhandle.

Answer Key:
1-c The heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1); 2-b Second day (Genesis 1:8); 3-a First day (Genesis 1:5); 4-b Moon (Genesis 1:16); 5-c Fourth day (Genesis 1:19); 6-a His own image (Genesis 1:26); 7-b Good (Genesis 1:31); 8-c Eden (Genesis 2:8); 9-c Rested (Genesis 2:2); 10-b Adam’s rib (Genesis 2:22)

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