Creation Caretaker ABCs

Creative Caretaker ABCs sparrow on limb

Creation Caretaker ABCs

By Karen Whiting

Celebrate and care for God’s creations. Follow these ABC’s to get started. Add other ideas as you think of more ways to celebrate or care for the earth God made.


Adopt a piece of earth, at home, church, or a park. Care for the land, keeping it clean, planting it, and watering it when needed. Note that grass only needs an inch of water a week to stay healthy.


Build a bird feeder. This can be a peanut on a string, or a fancy feeder.


Clean your yard and street of litter.


Detect water leaks at home. Check faucets, pipes, and toilets for leaks.


Explore a waterway, such as a river, lake, or ocean, for life. Thank God for water and all that lives in it.


Form a litter patrol at church or in your neighborhood. Patrol weekly to pick up litter.

children star gazing
children star gazing


Gaze at the stars at night. Thank God for making them.


Halve an apple, crosswise. Look at the star formed by the seeds. Remember that God made you and everything special. He put a star in every apple and His image inside you!


Investigate insects. Check out God’s miniature marvels!


Joyfully praise God for His creations. Journal about God’s creatures.


Keep conserving energy:

  • Turn off lights and electric items when not using them.
  • Keep thermostat set to save energy. Dress warm in winter, and cool in summer.
  • Save water. Add a water filled jug inside toilets to save water.


Look for animal tracks, learn what made them, and how to protect those animals.


Mulch plants and trees. Compost leftover vegetables and grains from meals for mulch.


Nature travel trips. Enjoy God’s creations with your family at a park or animal habitat.


Observe a bird or animal. Keep a journal about this creature. Photograph it.


Plant trees and flowers. Trees and plants on a river bank, or hill, prevent soil erosion.


Quietly listen to God’s creations:

  • Listen to a tree breathe with a stethoscope.
  • Check out how many nature sounds you hear in five minutes.
  • Listen to the earth with your ear on the ground.

discarded bottleR

Recycle everything you can!


Sow seeds. Plant a window garden in your room. It adds oxygen to the air.


Taste fresh fruits and vegetables. Think about how wonderfully God made them taste.


Use less stuff. Reuse the other side of paper, reuse toys instead of buying new ones.


Visit an animal shelter. Find out what problems you can help with.


Walk, or bike, instead of riding in cars. Enjoy the outdoors while saving energy!


X-ray your house for energy leaks:

  • zDrop food coloring in toilet tanks. If there’s a leak, color goes into the bowl.
  • On a windy day, hold a strip of paper up to windows and doors to detect air leaks.
  • Put a dry paper towel in sinks to see if water is leaking at night.


Yard clean up and planting. Start helping to keep the world clean where you live!


Zealously (with lots of determination, excitement, and energy) share these and other ideas with family, friends, and neighbors.

© Karen Whiting

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